what was I thinking?

First, I’d like to thank everyone who left a comment on my blogiversary post on Wednesday.  You all left such thoughtful, gracious comments.  You really are too kind.  Sometimes it takes a post like that to remind me that people do get some value out of my blog whether it be in the form of inspiration, or the introduction to new products or ideas.

It also really made me happy to learn that many of you enjoy all of the various subjects I post about and you’re not all just here for the furniture makeovers.  That takes a little bit of the pressure off to always be working on furniture! I enjoy that, but I also like posting about gardening, garage sales, thrifting and especially traveling (fingers crossed we get to do some more of that in 2021).  I’m going to try to throw in another home tour or two in 2021 as well!

We enjoyed a very quiet Thanksgiving at our house yesterday.  Usually we go to the in-law’s house, but due to the COVID situation we decided it would be best to not share any germs with them.  Better safe than sorry, right?  I hope you are all staying safe too!

Today’s project is a piece I picked up earlier in the fall.  It’s the terribly rickety, worn out, piece of junk, step ladder shown below.

It had layers of paint, the most recent being a boring chocolate brown.

It was all kittywampus too.  It seemed as though someone must have cut the bottoms off the back legs because the ladder didn’t even sit level anymore.

At this point you must be wondering why in the world I picked it up, I know I am.  It should have been thrown on the trash heap, or at least the ‘free’ pile, but no, I actually paid for it.  I think something in the neighborhood of $2 or maybe it was $5.  Obviously not a lot of money, but still, what in the world was I thinking?

I called handyman Ken over for a consultation and the best solution we could come up with to level things out was to add a piece of wood along the bottom of the back legs.

That added enough extra length to the back legs to allow the step ladder to sit level and feel sturdy.

Back during our weekend-long second summer, I pulled this ladder out into the driveway and sanded the heck out of it with my orbital sander.  I went through several layers of paint, first the brown, then a bright hot pink, then a 50’s kitchen green.

I sanded both the wooden steps and seat, as well as the metal legs.  Then I spray painted the metal legs with a coat of Rustoleum Chalked spray paint in a color called Chiffon Cream.  I was a bit surprised at the color of the Chiffon Cream, it was actually more white looking than the Dixie Belle Drop Cloth that I typically use as my favorite warm white.  It certainly wasn’t a bright white, but I also wouldn’t have called it cream.

But really, my purpose with the spray paint was just to get in all the nooks and crannies and it’s easier to do that on a piece like this with spray paint.  Once that was dry, I painted over it with the Drop Cloth, and I just needed a quick coat over those metal legs, but I painted two coats over the wooden steps.

When the Drop Cloth dried, I sanded just enough to reveal some of those layers of color.

Next I added a piece from the Paris Valley transfer from re.design with prima to the top step.

It was the perfect fit.

This is the perfect little ladder to use when adding Christmas decorations to the tops of cupboards.

But actually, this ladder is also the perfect size to use as a small table next to your favorite reading chair.  It has just enough space for a few books and your favorite beverage.  It would also work pretty nicely as a plant stand.

By the way, is it weird that I use a perpetual calendar as a Christmas decoration or do some of you do that too?

I’ve been doing that for a few years now.  I just know that I’d never keep up with changing the day and date every single day.  This is much more do-able for me.

I’m wondering how many people will be out and about shopping today.  Or will most people be mainly checking out the online bargains today?  I almost never shop on Black Friday, so staying home today won’t be unusual for me.  I like to spend the day after Thanksgiving putting up my Christmas decorations, watching old Christmas movies, eating leftovers (and we have lots of those this year) and just chilling out.  How about you?

So now I’m off to climb up on that ladder and add a little more Christmas cheer around here!

As always, thanks to Dixie Belle for providing the Drop Cloth paint and to re.design with prima for providing the transfer used on today’s project.

32 thoughts on “what was I thinking?

  1. That perpetual calendar is fantastic, I really want one and it prompts my comment. I have a very interesting one next to my computer and I find that it helps me every morning to change the date and day. Once you retire, you will wonder what day it is which is incomprehensable when you are working…trust me.


    1. LOL, I have heard that from my retired friends. Guess I’d better hang onto that perpetual calendar for another 8 years at least 😉 And that makes me thing a perpetual calendar would also make a great gift from someone who is retiring, I’ll have to remember that!


  2. Everything looks great! I too love the perpetual calendar and the step stool came out great. They are very popular here too whether old and rickety or re-done. They don’t last long in my booth!


  3. Love the stool you really brought it back to life. Quick question though-what does kittywampus mean? I have never heard that word before.


    1. LOL, I had to look it up to make sure I was spelling it right. I like this description I found online the best: It seems likely that the word has its origins in the French quatre, meaning four, and the Scottish wampish, meaning to wiggle, twist or flop about.

      The French element, it is generally agreed, came via “quatre-corner,” colloquialized as “catty-corner” and then “kitty-corner,” meaning diagonally across from. Thus, the essential meaning is “to wriggle or twist in a slanted or indirect fashion.”


  4. I have, as you would say, a ‘non-collection’ of perpetual calendars. Perhaps it’s just this Covid year, but changing 5 of them daily is not enough for me to always remember the day/date in my retirement 😉
    The little step stool is both adorable and functional!


  5. I grew up hearing CATTYwampus! (-; And with a stool or two like yours! I’d just love to have one now……everything you work on is reborn with charm! Boom! And yes, I LOVE to start Christmas the day after Thanksgiving (-;


      1. I mostly use cattywampus but both cattycorner & kittycorner. Very rarely I’ll use kittywampus. I’m from northwestern PA originally. And people from PA have some unusual words & pronunciations!
        Your stepladder is adorable. Love all your makeovers & thrifts & travels.


  6. I love that whole area. It is so inviting! You can make anything look great! Yes it was quite Thanksgiving here for me as well. Stay safe!
    Smiles, alice


  7. That is just perfection! Can’t believe what that stepladder turned into. I love the whole display. I would have a hard time selling that one. Did venture out to one store yesterday because we needed a few essentials. Was dreading it but surprisingly not many people out around here. Doing most of my Xmas shopping online this year. Can’t wait for normal to return!


    1. I really wondered what the crowds (or lack thereof) would be like this year on Black Friday. I suspect that Amazon Prime is going to be really slammed this holiday season.


    1. No I don’t. But I do try to sand these things outside, which is why I tackled this one during our ‘second summer’. Whenever we get a decently warm (or maybe I should say ‘above freezing’) day in winter I try to get any sanding like this done outside.


  8. I like all your posts.i love your home, I love your handyman, Ken, and your redos of furniture. Especially love the garage sale hauls the most!!!!!!!


  9. I love the step stool…and the calendar! I have a stool in my booth that just hasn’t moved-it may be time for a Quandie make-over!


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