abandoned hankie drawers.

I’m continuing to clear out the Carriage House.  Today’s project is this abandoned set of hankie drawers that I removed from a dresser some time in the distant past.

In fact, I searched back through my archives and for the life of me I can’t find a ‘before’ photo of a dresser with this section on top.  So it might even date back to the ‘pre-blog’ era.

Well, anyway, if you’ve followed me for a while you know that I’ve always liked to remove the hankie drawers from dressers.  I feel like a flat top makes the dresser more versatile so it can be used as a TV stand, or as a buffet type piece in the dining room.  I always save the cast off drawers though and turn them into a stand alone item (like this, and this, and this).  Usually they end up as individual drawers (like in those linked examples), but this one is a solid piece all the way across.

I painted the outside of the box in Dixie Belle’s Drop Cloth, and then I painted the insides of the drawers in their Apricot.  I used the DB Flat clear coat over the Apricot to give the insides of the drawers a little extra durability.

Apricot is quickly growing to be my favorite shade of pink.  It’s a peachy pink to be sure, and I really love the warmth of it.

Once the painting was done, I sanded lightly to distress and then added a section from the Violet Hill transfer from re.design with prima.

Isn’t that just gorgeous?  I have to admit, I felt a little guilty not saving this transfer to use on a full piece of furniture.  But what the heck?  I knew it would be perfect for this, and now I have a bunch of the transfer left over for more projects.

I have absolutely no recollection of what happened to the original drawer pulls.  Maybe I never had them?  Maybe I took them off to use on something else?  Who knows.  But I found a set of 3 vintage pulls in my stash of old hardware that ended up working out perfectly.

At this point you’re probably thinking ‘ok, well, that’s real pretty, but what would you do with it?’

I’ve got a couple of ideas.  The most obvious, put it on top of a dresser and use it as a jewelry box.

If you have lots of jewelry, this would be a great option because it would hold quite a bit.

Another idea, add it to your desk under your computer monitor to store office supplies and to give your monitor a little extra height.

For those of you still working from home due to COVID, this would be a lovely way to organize your work space.

Finally, this would be a great addition to a craft room to hold all sorts of various crafting supplies.

I brought this piece to Reclaiming Beautiful this week, so I guess we’ll see if anyone out there has just the right purpose for it.

As always, thank you to Dixie Belle Paint Co and to re.design with prima for providing the products used for today’s projects.

If you’re looking for Dixie Belle products you can find them here.

If you’re looking for re.design with prima products you can find local retailers here, or online sources here.


24 thoughts on “abandoned hankie drawers.

  1. So pretty! Do you have any videos available of applying those lovely transfers? You’re always so creative!! Thanks, Vicki B.


    1. Nope, I’ve never developed any video skills. I know more and more bloggers are becoming vloggers instead, but I can’t see myself (literally, in this case) ever doing that 🙂


  2. I love the idea of putting it under the monitor! The transfer and apricot go perfect together. But do you have a picture of the complete set of drawers? I only see shots of partial project😕 I love coming and seeing what you’ve been up to!


    1. I’m glad you asked Toia. Since this is a long, narrow item I really struggled to get a good photo that included the entire thing. When I was finished with the post I thought to myself ‘hmmm, I never did get a good photo of the complete thing’ and I wondered if anyone would notice or care. Now I know 🙂 But the answer is no, I don’t really have a picture of the complete set.


  3. Boy, that is just gorgeous! Love the color! And the print is beautiful. All around a great save on a piece of what would have been trash!❤


  4. So pretty. I love your blog and look forward to every post. One problem though I have tried following several times and never receive the email link to sign up. Is there another way to do this? I’d love to be notified of new posts 🙂


    1. Hmmm. That’s a good question. I’ll have to do some research because I really don’t know how that works. I have been getting new followers lately, so I don’t think it’s completely broken. Also, I think it works differently for people who are signed up with WordPress v. non-Wordpress users. I’ll see if I can figure anything out …


  5. I keep putting my socks on and you keep knocking them off. Might as well go barefoot! Beautiful!!

    we have had winds at 71 mph here this week. Don’t you wish you were here? Did get some rain right as the combines were headed into the wheat fields. My dad always said it rains twice in the panhandle…..once too early and once too late. This would be the too late. Bet you get tired of my rambling. This happens when you are sentenced to solitary confinement. Have a great weekend!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL, nope, I don’t get tired of your rambling. Some people are scared of earthquakes, and some are scare of thunder and lightening … not me, I’m scared of high winds. We have a lot of tall trees around our house! I would not have enjoyed 71 mph winds at all!


  6. Well Miss Quandie……your box is just darling and I love the idea of using it as a spot for the computer! You know what? My computer spot is in the kitchen with a cereal box on top of the stove burner and my laptop on top of that! I keep a counter-height chair there and Voila! Mom’s desk! Hahahahahaha We actually do have a study with a computer in the house, but over the many years, everyone just accepts this as mine………


  7. What time do they open tomorrow and are they still there?!?! Guess I am making a trip over tomorrow. I love that transfer!


  8. Hello, I’m a newcomer. Going to start with my great grandmothers mahogany pineapple top twin bed. I have a couple of older chairs as well. What do you do with a rush seat? Thank you!


    1. Hi Patti! I bet that bed will be gorgeous painted! As for the chairs with rush seats, I haven’t done very many of those. However, I have seen them painted and they look great. Or you could just freshen up the rush seat with some clear wax. Or use a dark or white wax if you want to darken or lighten the natural color of them. Lots of options!


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