the seed store rocker.

First, under the heading of ‘whatever happened to …’, here are some updates in case any of you are even remotely interested.

  1. Princess officially canceled our European Capitals cruise this week.  Of course, I didn’t really think there was much chance of that still taking place, but it was a little disappointing to have it made official.  At this point I think we are all realizing that it’s going to take a lot longer than we thought before we can return to traveling the world.
  2. My progressive bi-focals came back in and work much better than the first version.  I still can’t really wear them for computer work, but I think they’ll be great for garage saling … if we ever get to do that again.  I’m also pleasantly surprised to find that they work quite well for working on painting projects, as well as for gardening.  Again, thanks to all of you who left comments suggesting I should take them back in for adjusting.
  3. After a couple more visits to the Endodontist, I think I might finally be recovering from my 2nd round of root canal problems.  Phew.  I’m glad to put that behind me (although I still have to get the crowns done, my regular dentist is not opening until June).

I know that compared to much of what’s going on in the world, these were all very minor things.  I feel a bit guilty even mentioning them here.  Everyone in the q is for quandie family is healthy including handyman Ken (who I do worry about with this COVID thing, since he is 80+), and I’m very grateful for that.  I hope all of you are staying safe and are also staying well.

Hopefully I can take your minds off world problems for just a few moments today by sharing a small project I worked on.

While I had the Dixie Belle Sea Glass paint out for the piece I shared on Monday, I decided to also use it on this little vintage rocker I purchased ages ago at a garage sale.

I’d been waiting for inspiration to strike before painting it.  I thought it might be fun to use another of the Vintage Seed transfers on it.

I started by painting and distressing the rocker.

Then I added a section of the Vintage Seed transfer to the seat.

But I felt like the chair back was crying out for a little something too, so I pulled out the Classic Vintage Labels transfer and found the perfect thing.

Once the transfers were applied, I waxed the entire thing with clear wax.

I feel like I could create an full back story on how this little rocker came from a seed store in Pella, Iowa.

Can’t you just picture it in the window of an old fashioned Main Street general store?  One that not only has basic goods, but also has a full section of gardening implements and seeds?

Maybe one like the old general store in Marine on the St. Croix that my husband’s ancestors owned in 1907.

I’m planning on taking this little chair in to Reclaiming Beautiful to sell once it re-opens.  In fact, I’m building up quite the pile of smalls waiting for the Stay at Home order to be lifted.  I feel a little bit like we’re going to totally miss the spring/garden season this year and I have all kinds of fun goodies waiting in the wings.  Fingers crossed that shops can open up again soon!

In the meantime, as always, thanks to Dixie Belle for providing the paint and to with prima for providing the transfers for this project.

If you’re looking for Dixie Belle products you can find them here.

If you’re looking for with prima products you can find local retailers here, or online sources here.

16 thoughts on “the seed store rocker.

  1. It’s sure hard to think post-COVID, isn’t it? Blessings abound, no doubt about that, but it’s very easy to get mired down in the doom and gloom. Today I choose positive vibes! We’ve got our health, our talents, and our friendships (even if they come to us via the world wide web). I, for one, appreciate the check-ins with you, Mr. Q, and dear Ken. Sweet rocker by the way 😉


  2. As always, you have created a masterpiece! I love the color and the transfers. That’s the perfect size rocker to use as a display – goodness knows I could never sit in it without arms to propel me out! In our tiny town, there is a hardware store that passes as a general store without groceries. I could definitely see your rocker in the window with plants all around it.


  3. Covid 19 has changed our world but I think only temporarily. People tend to have short memories. This is but a short time in the whole scheme of things, i keep reminding myself of that. But this is easier for me, since I have been at work the whole time. It’s basically to and from work with a grocery run once a week. Everything else I’ve ordered online. I’m counting my blessings and waiting patiently to be able to add more things back to the mix soon! Making a conscious effort to keep some positive in there is important. 🙂 Now, on to the rocker! It’s so cute! I’ve been wanting to change up the front porch a bit. I’ve got a small bistro type table and a couple of patio type chairs. They rarely actually get used, probably mostly because we have a much bigger back deck with more privacy, but a couple of rocking chairs might change that!! So that might be my next project. 🙂 I will at least add it to the list! Thank you as always for the inspiration!!


    1. Don’t you sometimes think that people are either front porch people who like to watch what everyone is doing and see who is driving by, or they are back deck people who like to have a little peace and quiet while they enjoy the weather? Mr. Q and I are back deck people too 😉


  4. Oh Miss Quandie the rocker’s so cute! It doesn’t really look like a boy’s or a girl’s…….it just looks like a CHILD’s……so sweet and old fashion! I’m ALL IN for a return to normal in the world! Everyone look out for themselves and their loved ones and let the chips fall where they may!


  5. The rocker turned out so cute and it’s also a favorite color of mine! Good news that everyone is healthy! Continued health for you all!


  6. We can play quid pro quo!!! I’m on the second wall of shiplap in laundry room. So far everything level. Hookers still dragging main. I pulled a loose tooth I had. Found a cute little shop that sells Dixie Belle paint less than 50 miles from my home!! Winner. Winner!
    Your posts just make my week!! Have a great weekend!


  7. I look forward to every post you make, I can’t tell you how it fills my day with Normal-ness! Thank you for continuing to write these wonderful/beautiful posts and helping to keep me sane with my need for new gorgeous furniture make-overs and a bit of History! Staying safe in CT…Nourished by MN!……as to the loose tooth girl and Hookers dragging Main….you have quite the exciting town!! I am watching the grass grow!


    1. It does feel a lot like we’re just watching the grass grow these days! As for the hookers, you may not have seen an earlier comment by Kaye about living in a town called Hooker, where the motto is ‘it’s a location, not a vocation’ … which I found hysterical! You’ve gotta love a town that can laugh at itself 🙂


  8. That sea glass is gorgeous! Probably would have looked better as the accent blue on some French provincial bedroom furniture I’ve had since I was 14 than a watered down duck egg blue. Just gorgeous! So glad you can fill your days (and my inbox) with some creativity.
    So sorry about your cruise! My most recent vacation (which I would be on now) was to bicycle through the tulip fields (I feel a song coming on!) and then ferry over to the UK and walk from Reading to London. It, too, was cancelled. A friend who lives in Australia (whom I met on a Cunard cruise) did that trip several years ago and then came to visit here in Washington DC. She really loved it. Hope you get to reschedule!


    1. Oh man! That trip sounds absolutely fantastically amazing. You must tear up a little every time you think of missing it 😉 I’d love to know more about it, was it going to be an organized tour sort of thing? or were you arranging it all on your own? I’ve been watching a lot of Antiques Roadshow lately (the British version, not the American one) and so far I want to go to pretty much every location they have filmed in. It’s making me want to head to the UK and spend several weeks just wandering around.


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