st. anthony park 2019.

This past Saturday my sister and I planned to go garage saling, but if it was as stormy as predicted we had a backup plan of heading to the mall instead.  Sure enough, I woke up at 5:30 a.m. to the sound of thunder.  However by 7 a.m. the storms had passed leaving behind just overall dampness and overcast skies.

But I was especially motivated to get out there and garage sale because this was the last big neighborhood sale of the season (or at least that I know about, if you any of you locals know of more please leave a comment).  So clouds and occasional drizzle weren’t going to hold us back.  We threw rain jackets and hats in the car just in case and headed out.

This time we were in St. Paul’s St. Anthony Park neighborhood.  This neighborhood was developed in the late 19th century as a streetcar suburb (ie. you could commute to the city via streetcar) for the wealthier residents of Minneapolis/St. Paul (wikipedia).  It’s full of large 100 year old homes and each one is unique (unlike more modern developments).

Debbie and I decided this house was most definitely haunted …

This pretty yellow and white house had a charming farmhouse look with its wrap around porch.  Check out that chippy bench under the window.

And this next house had another of those gorgeous hydrangea trees.

I didn’t come home with any super amazing finds, but I really loved each thing that I threw into the car starting with this kid sized cupboard.

These tend to be a little more difficult to sell, but they are so fun to work on!  I’m hoping to come up with an adorable look for this one and I may use some vintage wallpaper to line the back of it.

Funny enough the tiny tea set came from a different sale a couple of blocks later.

As soon as I saw it I thought “that would be perfect for staging the little cupboard!”

And then, I found another little vintage tea set later in the day too.  It’s funny how often this happens, you find several of the same random items on any given day.

I’m planning to bring these sets to Reclaiming Beautiful for the Christmas season.  Wouldn’t they make a fabulous Christmas gift for some lucky little girl?

Yep, I’m already thinking Christmas.  I know, it’s way too early, but somehow it always manages to sneak up on me in the end, so this year I am planning ahead.

The foot board that is leaning in the back of my first photo is just that, a lone foot board.  The sellers said they are using the headboard but had no use for the foot board.  It was definitely priced to sell, they just wanted to quit storing it.

I may add a shelf to it or maybe turn it into a ‘sign’ of sorts.  I’ve done a few foot board makeovers in the past and you can see them here, here and here.

I found a couple of creamy white McCoy’s to add to my non-collection.  I have a little empty space on the shelves in my piano room so I need just a few more to fill in.

I’ll save that little aqua planter for spring and take it to the shop to sell.

My sister came home with a couple of items this time.

She’ll definitely use the old cast iron corn bread pan.  We all love her cornbread and with this pan every piece will be a crispy end piece.

There really wasn’t a stand-out choice for ‘find of the day’ this time, but I decided to give that status to this King Radio box.

I have no idea how a radio fit inside, or even if a radio fit inside, but it says King Radio inside the lid so I’m going with it.

As you can see, it has dividers inside.  Maybe those were added later?  No idea.  But this will be fun to paint and turn into some sort of keepsake box.

On the one hand I’m sad to see the 2019 neighborhood sale season coming to an end, but on the other hand I’m ready to have my Saturdays back for other things like actually painting furniture.  I’m working on a really fun piece currently that I hope to have done soon.  In the meantime, check back on Wednesday as I continue my house tour in the pantry.

8 thoughts on “st. anthony park 2019.

  1. Oh I so love the child’s cupboard and the tea sets! In the first house photo, on the roof you can see the ‘eyebrow’ window. I had one of those in my home in Webster Groves MO, also a commuter city, right on the RR line to downtown St. Louis. I love those details. I also am covering the small aqua McCoy dish/planter. Gorgeous finds!


  2. Nice haul. That little cupboard would look cute married to a old wooden table (sitting on top of it.) Thanks for sharing Debbie’s finds too! I have a jar with a green lid like that with old cookie cutters in it.


  3. Love the radio box so I look forward to seeing your redo of it. But Deb’s cornbread pan is the real winner.
    It looks pretty hefty though. I also love the old jar with the green lid. Storing vintage cookie cutters with matching green knobby type handles would be charming. Good thinking Shelly.


    1. We saw a pile of those cookie cutters with the matching green knobs a week ago at a garage sale, but at $2 – $3 each we both thought they were a bit pricey. Seems silly in hindsight, they would have looked amazing in the jar!


  4. Always fun to see you highlight my neighborhood where I grew up in the ‘60’s and ‘70’s on
    Carter Ave. It really was like growing up in a small town where we could walk to the stores & library on Como Ave or ride our bikes to the U of M farm campus and look at all the animals in the barns. Always enjoy what you share!


    1. I bet that was an amazing neighborhood to grow up in! Next year I’ll try to remember to take more photos of the neighborhood itself to share here on the blog for you to enjoy 🙂


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