a farm style crate.

I just love quick and easy updates that take less than 30 minutes and turn something plain into something fabulous.

I purchased an old wood crate at a lunchtime garage sale a couple weeks back (oops, forgot to get a ‘before’ photo).  Then I dressed it up with a Prima Marketing transfer and some cup pulls from Hobby Lobby.

Once again I used part of the Everyday Farmhouse transfer set for the wording.

Then I added these fun, rusty looking cup pulls to the sides of the crate to use as handles.

This crate would be super cute filled up with potted flowers, or maybe just a bunch of vintage blue ball jars.

I’m continuing to get tons of use out of that one set of the Everyday Farmhouse transfers, but I am starting to run out!

I definitely need to get my hands on another set!  In the meantime, remember on Monday I mentioned that new summer release from Prima Marketing?  Well, they have another awesome set of wordy transfers in the new release too.  I’ll be sharing a few things with those words added to them next week, so be sure to stay tuned.

26 thoughts on “a farm style crate.

    1. This is a Prima Marketing Re-design transfer called Everyday Farmhouse. You can find it online at various places. I see it listed by several vendors on Etsy ranging from $24.99 to $28. Here’s a link to the Prima “where to buy” page too.


    1. Oh my goodness, you are right!!!! Can’t believe the Q team missed that! How totally hilarious! I was reading it in my French accent that plays in my head so I missed it!
      I live on a farm and I am going to have to get these transfers off etsy! 😁


  1. I love this. I just did a similar project with an old box. I stenciled mine and added handles too. Love the idea of a transfer. I need to get this one. Love your work. It’s so inspiring ❤️


  2. I love this piece! These little crates are so versatile. One can use them for all kinds of things. I love the handles that you added 😊


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