fab finds.

Last week was an amazing week for garage sales.

It seemed to be the week for enamelware, I found it everywhere I went.

I’m not a huge fan of enamelware just for the sake of collecting it …

But I love these pieces as planters for flowering annuals.

I also love dressing them up with some Prima Marketing transfers like these from the Everyday Farmhouse set.

Or some of the old French Pots sets.

I also found an awesome vintage scale …

I purchased this rice sack pillow from a mother/daughter duo who were having a sale together.  The daughter came up with the idea, and her mom did the sewing.

I purchased two of these wood totes from a guy who made them himself too.  And how convenient that they already have a base coat of paint.

I plan to give them another layer or two of chippy milk paint color, and then add either a transfer or a stencil to dress them up.

I also found some great furniture at garage sales this week starting with this mid-century piece.

It was too big for my sister’s SUV so I had to send Mr. Q to Minneapolis with our van to pick it up, but it was such a bargain that it was worth the trip.  It’s going to look amazing in Park Bench green.

This little washstand came from another lunch time garage sale.

I’m looking forward to seeing what I can do with this industrial stool …

Its feet are quite rusty, and you know I don’t mind a little rust, but I’m afraid these will leave marks on the floor.  So I’m going to see how well I can clean those up and then possibly seal them in some way.

I also purchased a 2nd washstand at the neighborhood sales last Saturday.  Somehow, despite my good intentions, I managed to forget to take a ‘before’ photo of it individually.

You can sort of see it there though.  It was already painted and really in rather good shape.  I’ve actually already re-fabbed it, but I can’t show it to you quite yet.  That’s because Prima Marketing has sent me an early shipment of their Summer 2019 release of new transfers and I used one of them on this washstand.  I’m not allowed to show it to you until next week and the suspense is killing me.  It turned out amazing.  You’re just going to have to be sure to check back next week to see how it turned out!

How about you?  Did you find any amazing garage sale or thrift store bargains over the weekend?

26 thoughts on “fab finds.

  1. Wow what a good haul! A good selection of treasures and I love the enamel ware with transfers added.Can’t wait to see what you do with the rest of your finds.


    1. Actually, that yellow Minnesota is a jigsaw puzzle of the state of Minnesota in a round, flat box. I’ve already sent it over to my handyman Ken. Not only does he fix furniture, but he also ‘tests’ jigsaw puzzles by putting them together and making sure they have all of their pieces. LOL. Aren’t the etched jars pretty? I don’t know much about them, but this is the 3rd pair of them I’ve found in my lifetime of garage saling and they always sell fast because they are so pretty.


  2. Ha, must be in the air! We found two listings on Craig’s list a few weeks ago and purchased a bunch of enamel ware from both listings. One lot is white with red, and the other white with black and some blue. I love it, but so far not moving in our booth like we had thought it would. I think I might try some transfers. We had old galvanized buckets from an old maple syrup camp, thought those would sell at a flea we did this weekend, did not sell a one!!!! I may have to try transfers on those as well.
    Shoot , one of the on line decor places was selling them this weekend for $25.00, not including shipping!


  3. Holy crow, girl, I’ve never had your incredible luck! I did find three darling antique children’s chairs and a creamy white ironstone chamber pot from England. That made my day!


  4. Lucky You!! Great finds! The enamel ware looks amazing. Can’t wait to see the new IOD transfers. I sure that you will make them all wonderful ❤️


    1. Actually, I’m using the Prima Marketing transfers. IOD and Prima went their separate ways. Just to be clear about that, I know it’s confusing to a lot of people. That being said, the Summer 2019 release from Prima Marketing is pretty fab and I can’t wait to share some of them with you guys next week!


  5. How about me? Well no, Miss Quandie, I did not find a haul of amazing things!! (No, I’m not bitter or jealous!) LOL!!!


  6. Check for a makers label on that metal stool- I had one a couple years ago and it had a UHL Art, Toledo Oh label.. Sold it to a collector near Chicago for quite a bit. All I did was clean it up good and added coat of wax to the seat. Good luck,


  7. Ive noticed several people use galvanized and enamel containers for plants and they look awesome. but do they rust out after the season is over?


    1. They do eventually rust out, but I think they last for a couple of years at least. I also like to put drainage holes in mine if I’m going to use them for plants. I generally only use the ones that are already in rough shape.


  8. Looks like you got some great stuff! I love enamelware for the garden too but don’t find much cheap here anymore. I also love furniture but just don’t have much of an outlet for it right now after painting. I hope to soon though. Love your posts!


  9. Amazing finds and can’t wait to see the mid-century piece redone but I absolutely love the rusty old stool.


    1. Isn’t that stool fab? That’s one of those pieces that I spotted from the car as we pulled up to the sale and thought “oh, it will probably be out of my price range”, but no, it was only $3 🙂


  10. What a great stash Linda, you did really well! I’d love to see a photo of the Minnesota jigsaw if Ken finds that it has all its pieces. And I cannot wait to see the new Prima transfers..I caught a glimpse of some of them coming our way in Oz and I am very excited!!


    1. That’s a great idea about the puzzle Sarah. I’ll have to remember to tell Ken to let me get a picture after he gets it done, and before he dismantles it again!


  11. Love all your finds. I’m a total sucker for enamelware if it’s priced right. I have sold a few pieces in my booth, not as much as I’d like, but they keep my booth looking awesome, so there’s that. Love both washstands. I have found some really good deals on Facebook Marketing, but I’m really trying to use what I’ve already bought, so I keep scrolling. Hopefully when I’m in the market for more furniture I will still be able to find fun pieces! You did great, will you sell your smalls at Reclaiming Beautiful? (I think that’s the name of the shop you occasionally sell in)


    1. I’m in the same boat exactly Laura. Been seeing lots of great stuff for sale on Facebook Marketplace, but trying to get to the pieces I already have lined up for painting! I’ve been thinking the same thing, I hope there will still be great pieces available when I’m ready for them. And yes, I will sell the smalls at Reclaiming Beautiful in Stillwater 🙂


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