somewhere in France.

Here’s a sneak peek at another of the fabulous new transfers coming soon from Prima Marketing called Somewhere in France.  Well, technically, I used only a small part of one of the three transfers that come in this set.

When I unboxed the transfers I immediately wondered how they would look over black.

Although it was a bit difficult to capture in a photo, they are a subtle metallic gold.

Since I wanted to give that a quick test before I planned an entire piece of furniture around one, I decided to try it on an old toolbox that I have.

I got this toolbox from my friend (and picker) Sue.  It’s bigger than it might look in that photo at 22″ wide by 7″ tall.

Each of the three sections of this transfer set are about 24″ wide x 9″ tall.  So I just used the bottom two lines of one.  I simply cleaned the surface of the toolbox and then applied the transfer as per usual.

I wanted to show you guys a close up of how the transfer looked freshly applied.

See that sort of halo or white filmy look around the letters?  Well, look what happens when you apply just the smallest amount of Fusion’s Beeswax Finish over the transfer.

It totally disappears.  Keep that in mind if you end up purchasing this transfer.

And I have to say, the gold looks positively amazing over black, doesn’t it?

This toolbox sits on a shelf in my living room.

And here’s a little secret, it actually holds all of my waxes and other top coats.

It’s a great way to store my painting supplies, sort of hidden in plain sight.  Since I paint in the piano room during the winter, it makes sense to have all of my supplies nearby.

I’ve seen pictures of this transfer used over white and that creates a beautifully subtle look, so I’m definitely going to try that sometime too.

The Somewhere in France transfer is not yet available to purchase.  However, this design should be shipping to stores in mid-April so be sure to look for it then.

If you’re wondering where to purchase the Prima Marketing transfers, check out their ‘where to buy’ page.

15 thoughts on “somewhere in France.

  1. I LOVE the look of this on black. It fits the room SO well, and functional too 😉 I think I may need the part that says Librairie since I’ve become an accidental librarian.


  2. I love that! First it’s a really cool metal box, second the transfer just elevates it to the next level. I can’t wait for that one. By the time i purchase it, I’ll probably forgotten what you said about the wax but that’s a great tip! Thanks for another inspiring project.


    1. You’ll remember about the wax as soon as you get the transfer applied and think to yourself “hmmm, I’m not sure about those filmy edges …”


  3. This is fab! Absolutely love it! This is the perfect way to store stuff and still have a great accessory.
    Since black is one of my go to colors I will definitely have to try this. By the way Sue is an excellent picker. What an eye! And again the transfer “makes” it.


  4. Very fab Miss Quandie! BTW, have you ever painted a plastic tool box? Would it look good? I’ve never come across a metal one while thrifting in these parts! Got to go thrifting in the heartland one day!


  5. The transfer looks great! I have tried using wax over other transfers and I can still see the halos. Is it just that brand? I usually use Miss Mustard seed.


    1. You can still see the halos if the light hits them from a certain angle, but the wax minimizes it quite a bit. Technically I used the Fusion Beeswax Finish on this toolbox, which is similar to the Miss Mustard Seed Beeswax (rather than the clear furniture wax). I’m not sure if it makes a difference using the Beeswax v. the furniture wax.


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