keeping it simple.

While I was gone on my cruise last month I received a text from one of my favorite customers.  Nikkii has purchased a gazillion pieces of furniture from me, I do believe I have lost count of just how many.  Last summer she purchased the gorgeous bed I painted in Dixie Belle’s Caviar.

She got in touch because she was looking for a dresser to pair up with the bed.  She wanted something that would hold a decent amount of stuff.

Mr. Q and I happened to have just returned to the ship after our Street Food Tour in Genoa when she texted, but I promised to get back to her when our trip was over because I had a couple of dressers that I thought might work for her.

She ended up going with this one.

Initially you might be thinking that the simple, clean lines of this chest on chest dresser don’t relate to the more ornate style of the bed at all.  However, I knew that painting it the same color would go a long way towards making them work together.

I prepped the dresser using my regular m.o.; removed the hardware, sanded lightly, vacuumed inside and out, cleaned with Krud Kutter Kitchen Degreaser, and rinsed with a damp cloth.  Then I added two coats of Dixie Belle’s Caviar.

Once that was dry I added my Blanchisserie de Francaise stencil using Ceramcoat craft paint in a color called Deep Taupe.  The curvy lines of the stencil will also help this piece relate to the curvier lines of the bed.

Readers frequently ask where I got this stencil, but unfortunately the Etsy vendor I purchased it from is no longer in business so I can’t provide a source for it.

After adding the stencil it was simply a matter of sanding lightly again using 220 grit paper, vacuuming again and then waxing the piece using Dixie Belle’s Best Dang Wax in Black.

Gosh, I’d forgotten what a workout it is to wax a large piece of furniture.  And this one is large at 53.5″ tall.  I never feel guilty about skipping the gym when I’m spending time waxing a piece of furniture.

And it sure did feel good to be painting again.  I’d definitely missed it!

I retained the original drawer pulls on this piece.  I initially debated swapping them out, but they had two screws each which would have meant filling holes and re-centering new holes for knobs.

When I think about it, this dresser makeover really was an exercise in keeping in simple.

First of all, that original red stain would have definitely bled through a lighter color of paint.  Sure, I could have used a stain blocking primer like Dixie Belle’s BOSS and that would have solved that problem.  That would have been an extra expense, and an extra step or possibly two (if it had required two coats).  Just painting it black was much simpler.

Second, keeping the original hardware meant I didn’t have to fill those extra holes.  Plus there would have been the added expense of buying 10 knobs.

Some days it feels like the competition out there on social media is so fierce, and everyone is trying to out-do each other with the most elaborate makeover possible.  Sometimes it’s good to remind myself that keeping it simple is OK too.

You can really change the look of a piece of furniture with just some paint, don’t you agree?


57 thoughts on “keeping it simple.

  1. Simply beautiful. I totally agree that this dresser looks so elegant with its black makeover – just the right amount of detail. The vintage pulls look right with the style of the dresser and the French lettering adds that certain ‘something’. Well done.


  2. Just simply beautiful! You’ve read the piece right once again.
    Q do you use the dark wax over the stenciling as well?
    Continue in changing tired pieces one paint stroke at a time!


    1. Yep, I waxed over the stenciling as well. Paint doesn’t stick well over fresh wax, so you have to wait until after you’ve stenciled to wax the drawer fronts. It darkened up the color of the craft paint just a tad.


  3. I agree an eclectic mix of styles can be pulled together, if the style is not similar it works with paint. A nice look – great work as usual. Merry Christmas and may your holiday be beautiful – filled with love and joy.


  4. Love this! You have really shown us the beauty of black furniture. ANd simple is always in style. This is classy and timeless. A real beauty!


  5. Would love a tour of her home…especially with all your furniture displayed! Love the dresser…goes beautifully with the headboard!


      1. Actually 5 children😉 Someday I’ll be up for a tour. We are still renovating and plan a big addition in 2019. You may remember some pieces you forgot about😂 There are many here! There’s a little bit of Linda, Mr. Q, and Ken in every room! ❤️


    1. First we need to get our van back out of the shop. Mr. Q got rear-ended last week on that really icy day and our furniture-toting has come to a complete halt until it gets repaired 😦 But I’ll be keeping an eye out!


  6. I love your last statement, I too always question and ponder if I should try and keep up with the “bigger / better/ more elaborate” finishes but in reality I personally prefer simple because I feel it is classic and will be around for ever 🙂

    Beautiful piece as usual Linda!


    1. Not that those more elaborate pieces aren’t gorgeous and amazing in their own right. But personally I think there is more of a market for the simpler pieces too. At least in my neck of the woods 🙂


    1. I frequently have to remind myself that it’s OK for my style to be more simple, and comments like yours help make that easier to remember 🙂 so thank you for that Shelly!


  7. I love the black and the simplicity. It looks so elegant. I love many of the elaborate furniture makeovers, but beautiful, simple furniture gets me everytime! This style is timeless and can fit into many different surroundings.


  8. Please know how much your style and talent is appreciated! I relate to your posts, furniture redos and love your style. Merry Christmas and please keep sharing!


  9. It’s gorgeous and elegant. A perfect match for the bed. It’s simple lines perfectly coordinate with and highlight the ornateness of the bed. I see a lot of very elaborate pieces around the web that are gorgeous but I prefer simple lines that let the craftsmanship and detailing of the vintage pieces shine through. Your talent for accenting then letting the piece speak for itself is inspiring.


  10. This is a perfect pairing. I immediately fell in love with the lines of this chest. I also think keeping the hardware was the right call. And of course I adore the stencil. For me personally the black paint calmed down the ornate carvings on the bed to give it a more understated look. Truly wonderful together. My whole house would be full of your work if distance was not a factor. Merry Christmas to you and Mr. Q.
    Sorry to hear about the fender bender.


    1. Fortunately no one was injured in the fender bender, but the backside of our van was badly damaged. The van is still in the shop, and Mr. Q is driving a rental car until it’s fixed back up again. Luckily there aren’t any urgent furniture transports required this time of year 🙂


  11. Love it!! I went old-school this year for Christmas decorating. Kept it simple. Sometimes that really is the best option. Love your dresser – hope to see it with the headboard someday in its new home on your blog. Beautiful pairing!


    1. I went a little old school on the decorating myself this year too. There just didn’t seem to be much time between my trip and the holiday for anything more elaborate. But simple is good too. I think the one decoration I enjoy the most are some simple battery operated candlesticks that I put in my windows. It gives the house such a warm and homey feel during the long, dark nights.


  12. Hi, I love love caviar paint!!! I have a small dresser that I want to give the same look that you have without stenciling. Where can I get this paint in small quantity for the best price? thank you. Irina


  13. Completely agree with you. That piece commands attention by it’s sheer size. And I love that you kept the original hardware. Classics never go out of style, and there’s a reason that style / shape of dresser is still being produced today! Happy painting!


  14. Well I am extremely flatted to be mentioned in your post-I am a fan! I don’t think you should ever doubt your talent, I have the resources to shop where I want and I always choose you or at least a piece per room! You underestimate your natural amazing talent. I love this bed and typically don’t like the ornate but there’s something so feminine and less goth about this bed, however I appreciate and seem to prefer more simple which you know😉 so when given the choice of dressers, I was naturally drawn to this one. Again, I’m so sorry to have interrupted your vacation, you were so gracious in even responding. I can’t wait to pick up the dresser and see the dresser and bed together with the white walls! Someday you and Mr. Q will have to make the drive up her and see all your beautiful pieces. Merry Christmas!


  15. Hello Mrs. Q, I love everything you do!! I was wondering about the Krud Kutter you use. I have tried serval things to clean my kitchen cabinets & nothing seems to cut the grease & grim. Do you think this product wood do the job? Merry Christmas & Happy New Year,


    1. Krud Kutter makes a bunch of different versions of their product. The one I use is the Krud Kutter Kitchen Degreaser All Purpose Cleaner, and yes, I think it would do a great job on your kitchen cabinets.


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