a spooky fairy garden.

And just like that, in the blink of an eye, it went from summer to fall here in Minnesota.  Last Monday it was sunny and warm and by Friday night we had our first frost warning of the season.

With highs in the low 50’s, it was too cold to paint in my carriage house workshop all weekend.  So instead I worked on pulling out all of the annuals that were past their prime in my planters and replacing them with mums, ornamental kale and pumpkins.

I decided to go traditional this year with oranges, reds and yellows.

While I was at it, I decided to add a little fall decor to the fairy garden too.

I started with a tiny white pumpkin and a tiny orange gourd (yep that’s technically a gourd and not a pumpkin).

They were only 99 cents each at my local Bachman’s.  Although they are tiny, in the fairy garden they become huge, blue ribbon worthy pumpkins!

I also came across some tiny pepper plants in the miniature section at Bachman’s.  Even though peppers don’t normally scream fall, I thought the red and orange coloring would lend an autumnal vibe.

Next I added some fun miniature decorations that I picked up last year at another local flower shop, Rose Floral in Stillwater.

With the additional of a few spooky tombstones and the fairy garden is definitely feeling more in season.

And who doesn’t love to see a tiny skeleton clawing his way out of the ground in their fairy garden?

I also put some fresh batteries in the tiny string of fairy lights on the evergreen shrub to make sure the fairies don’t get too frightened by the new decor.

And just like that we’ve got a spooky fairy garden!

17 thoughts on “a spooky fairy garden.

    1. FYI – Cub had a great price on small mums (3 for $10), but surprisingly Bachman’s had a better price on large mums at $8.99 each. Just in case you’re looking for mums. Another FYI, I bought the ‘pie pumpkins’ at Bachmans for $3.99 each and they told that if you aren’t going to carve your pumpkins, pie pumpkins are a better choice because they have a thicker skin and will hold up better outside. They are harder to carve though, so not a good choice for carving. Of course, you could always make a pie with them too, but that’s not going to happen at my house 😉


  1. I usually do not decorate for Halloween, but this is adorable! I ordered the Boss from Dixie Bell and it has been shipped! I informed them that you referred me, hopefully they keep track and reward you in some way! 😉 I can’t wait to try it. I hope it stays warm enough here in Indiana so I can get the cupboard finished and moved in! I have worked on it for so long I am tired of messing with it! Lesson learned to open and smell of the insides! I once bought a beautiful clothes hamper made of metal and painted with roses, it was so pretty, but it stunk like dirty clothes! Had to sell it, nothing worked on that smell! Lol


    1. I just went to an estate sale this past weekend that had several great pieces of furniture, but I didn’t buy any of them because the whole place reeked of cigarette smoke. Although I know you can deal with that using BOSS, it takes extra time and effort (and expense) so now my rule is to simply avoid stinky pieces. But as in your case, if you’ve already got the piece or the if a piece is just too good to pass up despite the smell, BOSS is the best!


  2. The teeny peppers make my heart happy. Your fairy garden rocks! I love all things Halloween – it’s my wedding anniversary (I always swore I’d get married in Vegas on Halloween by an Elvis impersonator. When my husband and I were dating he said he’d never get married until he met a girl who’d marry him under theses same conditions. We were a match made in heaven and had the perfect wedding. It was classy but goofy,too – just like us!) The Fairy Garden is perfect and belongs in my yard! LOL! Too bad I can’t grow anything except dead sticks. You decorate, paint and garden so very well.


    1. The beauty of a fairy garden is that it’s just so easy to maintain! I bet you could do it Christie. And if something dies, you can just replace it for a few dollars. Easy and affordable 🙂

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      1. I like that – if I kill it I can replace it! LOL! My problem is admitting a plant died . I will continue to water sticks for months just hoping they are alive down in there somewhere.I finally tossed my 2 air plants that have probably been dead a year, but I continued to care for them this entire time because there was still just a little bit of green down at the bottom – and surely that meant there was a little life left in there. Alas, they were dead as a doornail! But, I may give the fairy garden a try. Who know, the fairy lights may let the dead sticks still look pretty – or at least spooky for Halloween! (Luckily, I do much much better with people’s lives than I do plants! I’m a great nurse!)


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