resistance is futile.

For a while now people have been telling me that I really need to get on Instagram.  I’ve resisted up until now for a couple of reasons.

First of all, it’s not like I have a bunch of spare time on my hands to learn a new medium.  I’m pretty busy with the day job, the gardening, the garage saling, the socializing (thanks again for that amazing pool day bff), the furniture painting and of course the blog writing.

Second of all, I needed to upgrade my phone first.  It’s embarrassing to admit, but I had an ancient windows phone that was not very compatible with Instagram or anything else for that matter.

OK, it wasn’t quite that bad, but close.

So not only did I have to learn how to use Instagram, but I also had to learn how to use a new phone.

And then there is the square photo format.  Not really a big deal, unless you are used to composing all of your shots for a rectangular format.  Suddenly you have to start thinking about how they will look as a square.  Lots of my photos are totally wrong for turning into a square.

But I bit the bullet last week and purchased a new phone.  Once I had the basics down, like being able to answer a call, I decided to download the Instagram app.  Just to explore what it was like.

I set up my account, qisforquandie, and then I followed some of my favorites; missmustardseed, vibekedesign, dreamywhiteslifestyle, savvycityfarmer, lizmariegalvan and frenchcountrycottage.

And you know what I discovered?  Turns out Instagram is like porn for blog readers.  Let’s face it, it’s all about looking at the pictures with very limited text.  It’s total eye candy.

And it all looks so pretty on my new phone, it was hard not be sucked in.

As they say, #resistanceisfutile, #youwillbeassimilated, #wearetheinstagram.

Any other trekkies out there?

Anyway, it’s official, I’m on Instagram.  No worries at this point, I have no plans to give up blogging.  If you still want some substance with your pretty pictures, you need more than Instagram.

But if you are already assimilated, I hope you’ll follow me on Instagram.  And if any of you have favorites that you follow, let me know.  I can always use a little more eye candy in my life.

31 thoughts on “resistance is futile.

  1. On no, you are now part of that bigger picture. I take all of my forward moving cues from you, so I guess I have to cave, too. I worked at my antique mall last week and one of my fellow antiquers, who is even older than me I might add, had just joined and she is happy about it. So, obviously since I am late to the party and the koolaide is getting warm I might have to get into the movement.


  2. I’m now following you! I had such a great day on Saturday. You are the best BFF ever. (Thank you for the awesome birthday present, I love it.)


  3. Yay! I wondered why you weren’t on Instagram. I really became a follower to most of the blogs you’ve mentioned a little over a year ago. Now most of my conversations with fellow DIYers begin with “ this blogger I follow on Instagram”. So heading over there right now to follow you there. I’m sure you’ll pick it up quickly – inbeween all the other stuff you have to do😏


  4. I am not personally on Instagrambut I do,for some reason, have my daughter’s account on my phone. I am told that it is great for sale of artisan products so it will probably be perfect for you.

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  5. I love Instagram, but find I can go weeks without looking at it, which is probably a good thing. Sweet Pickins has a beautiful feed, but Sausha pretty much squeezes a blog post in along with her beautiful photograph. You take beautiful pictures, so I would imagine you’ll find new readers, as well 😀 Enjoy!

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    1. It’s certainly going to be a bit of a learning curve for me. Part of my problem is that I much prefer looking at things on my computer screen rather than on a phone. And although I know I can see IG on my computer screen, it’s definitely set up to be used from a phone rather than a computer. Hopefully I’ll get used to that!


  6. Good for you! I will check you out. I am on instagram but hardly ever go on that site. It is hard enough for me to keep up with Facebook. I do love eye candy so guess that I will have to pay more attention 😆


    1. Well, friends of mine who are more ‘in the know’ than I am say Facebook is out and IG is in. And someone just told me that there is a way to link your IG with Facebook, so I’ll have to check that out too. And where does Pinterest fit in to it all? So many things to think about.


  7. Yes…well! Kiss your clean house and gardens goodbye, because Instagram is like crack. It’ll suck you in and take over your life! As for business usage, yes you can link it to your Facebook page, add a geotag to your Facebook shop and then create shoppable posts in Instagram (people can shop on IG, it’ll point them to your Facebook shop and then they pay thru your Facebook shop). I’m still trying to get it all figured out. Lots to learn. Google and youtube will be your friends in order to figure it all out, because Facebook and Instagram are NO HELP, sadly. I’m a visual person with ADD so you can imagine how I can get sucked in. I try to stay away from it so that I spend my time on MY business, not everyone else’s. Really, it’s crack. Run now before it takes over! lol


    1. Well, who am I kidding, Mr. Q took over the house cleaning a long time ago (thank goodness). I think it’s too late for me to escape, I’m already sucked in 😉


  8. Your title for this week caught my eye because we love Star Trek too 🙂 You are the perfect person for Instagram. Your photography and styling are stellar. Your painting and transformations are impeccable. I am following you already! You will have tons of followers before you know it because people will love you!!


  9. Yay! I just started on IG after the first of the year and yes, it is eye candy for sure! I will always read your newsy blog though. It’s always been a favorite.


  10. I just started reading your blog and following you in IG. I haven’t been so inspired in a long time. I’m newly retired, and I’m a quilter, but now I am venturing into furniture painting. Your posts are beautiful, helpful, and I am reading through each one. 🙂 I so appreciate your tips and process sharing. Your photos are gorgeous, and it’s great that you decided to take a chance with IG. You got it, it’s eye candy.

    Let me offer a tip back atcha! You can post landscape and portrait photos on IG! After you click the + to add a photo to your post, look for the little symbol with two pointy angles in the lower left corner (don’t know the real term), and when you click on that, voila! your photo is original dimensions. It’s a little trickier with multiple photos in one post. Pick the photo you want to appear first, then click that same expand photo symbol as if you were just posting that one photo. Then click the multiple photos symbol in the lower right of that photo. Now click on the photos you want to include in the post, and they should all be in the original dimensions!


    1. Welcome to my blog Ruth! I’m glad you are getting lots of helpful ideas from it. Thanks for sharing that tip on Instagram. I need all the help I can get with that 😉 I will definitely have to try using some non-square photos on IG soon. If you have any other IG tips, feel free to share!

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