refreshing chair no 6.

Several years ago … gosh, I’m not even sure how many … I went through a numbering phase.  I added numbers to everything and the stuff that got ‘numbered’ sold like hotcakes at my Carriage House occasional sales.

It must be the accountant in me, but I love things with numbers on them.  At the time it appeared that others did as well.

I painted a chair for myself back then and I gave it a no. 6.

Chair no. 6 was in my own kitchen for several years, but eventually I swapped it out for something else.  I recovered the seat and put it in my last occasional sale (fall of 2016), but no one bought it.  I guess the numbering phase is over.  So then it sat in my carriage house for almost two years, lost and forlorn.

I’ve been trying to go through everything that I have stored out there this summer and either revamp it to sell, donate it, or put it at the curb.

So I pulled it out and did a little re-gluing of the joints.  Then I sanded down the ‘6’, gave it a good cleaning and re-painted it with a fresh coat of creamy white using Fusion’s Limestone.

Then I pulled out the small version of Prima Marketing’s Seeds transfer.

I knew the entire thing wouldn’t fit, but it’s so easy to cut these up and just use parts of them.  I cut out a couple of sections of the transfer and played around with placement on the chair back.  Once I had them where I wanted them, I taped them in place.

Then I just used the applicator stick that comes with the transfer to rub it onto the chair.  It couldn’t have been easier and took all of about five minutes to do.

And thus chair no. 6 becomes a garden themed chair instead.

By the way, in case you were curious, I used a plain beige fabric that I painted with a grain sack stripe using black acrylic craft paint for the seat.

Then a couple of evenings ago I had some fun setting up a potting shed themed photo shoot with the chair.

First I pulled out a dresser that I just picked up last weekend.  One of my readers offered this dresser to me free of charge and you’ll read more about that next week.  But for today I thought it was the perfect stand in for a potting bench for some photos.

I love the crackle finish on those drawer fronts, but I don’t know that I’ll be able to save that.

But before I even get to that part, Ken is going to have to do a bit of work on this one so it may be a while before you see it again.

Anyway, I also grabbed some clay pots, a small hand held garden shovel, and yes I even yanked a geranium right out of one of my window boxes just for these photos.

It is possible that I have completely lost my mind.

But don’t worry.  No plants were harmed in the making of this blog post.  I simply tucked that geranium right back in place when I was done and gave it a good soaking.  It will be fine.

All of that, just to take a photo of a chair.

But it sure was fun.

This chair will likely make its way to Reclaiming Beautiful to be sold.  Unless of course one of you local readers wants to purchase it from me first.  Be sure to check my ‘available for local sale‘ page for more details.

12 thoughts on “refreshing chair no 6.

  1. I love the chair and the IOD transfer is one of my favorites. I have always loved the way you do your staging. 😊


  2. Really, you are talented at staging! Your second-to-the-last photo is the kind of thing I see at a shop and appreciate because it elevates each of the little elements into something balanced, interesting, and desirable. Like that rusty framework…a little church, birdcage, school building(?)…I want that for my garden! But, oops, this is all about the chair, so I will say you have fashioned a great 3rd act for it and it will “fly off the shelf!”


    1. Thank you so much Kim! I’m not sure what that little rusty framework thingie is supposed to be either, but I plucked it right out of my garden for the photos.


  3. Hey Miss Quandie (-: I think you would be great as the decor arm of an Events planner! Or a great set decorator! You have such an eye for themes and color (-:


  4. You are definitely a master vignette builder. But the geranium really takes it to next level. Can’t even remember the last tome I purchased a shelter magazine, seriously who needs to with your blog. Been m.i.a. due to a trip to Alaska to visit my son and family. But now I’m back and will try to catch up.


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