an Italian table.

Earlier this summer I picked up a simple pedestal style table at a garage sale.

I have to admit up front that I made a couple of poor buying decisions this summer at garage sales and there is an underlying theme to them.  I purchased things that had other things piled on top of them so that I couldn’t really see what I was getting.  One table I purchased has a huge burn mark on the top that I didn’t notice until I went to load it in the car.  And this table has a Formica (laminate) top.  That fact completely escaped my attention until I got it home.

Today’s q tip:  Do as I say, not as I do, and thoroughly inspect a piece of furniture before you agree to purchase it!

But look back at that ‘before’ picture, see how shiny that top is?  Yep, it’s Formica instead of wood.  I should have noticed that.

The problem with Formica is that paint doesn’t always like to stick to it.

But then I realized that this table provided me with the perfect opportunity to try a product that Dixie Belle sent to me recently, Slick Stick.

I plan to use this product on a dresser that is entirely laminate, but before I get to that I thought it might be a good idea to test it out on a smaller scale first.  Here is how the Dixie Belle website describes it:  Slick Stick is a water-base primer specifically made to bond to most any “tough to paint” surfaces. With Dixie Belle’s Slick Stick, surfaces like PVC, glass, Formica, metal, and more, are easily painted and stay painted.

It has some very specific instructions that I followed to the letter.  I started by cleaning my piece thoroughly using TSP Substitute.  Next I used a damp brush to apply one thin coat of Slick Stick and then I allowed that to dry for 3 hours.  Then I added a second coat of Slick Stick and left it to dry overnight.

I used the Slick Stick on the laminate top only, not on the wood pedestal.

The next step was to paint the piece using two coats Dixie Belle’s Gravel Road.

I want to point out here that the Slick Stick does dry white.  If you are a distress-er (and I definitely am), you will see that white when you sand the edges of your piece to distress it.

That is definitely something to keep in mind when choosing to use this product.

After I had the table painted I let it sit for a week or two.  Not for any real reason, just because it was really just rather blah.  While the paint job had definitely given it some more appeal, it needed something more but I wasn’t sure what.

Then while I was stenciling the back of the bookcase that I shared on Friday I decided to use the same Prima Marketing stencil on the top of this table.

I used the same small foam roller and the same Dixie Belle paint in Driftwood to apply the stencil over the entire tabletop.

I think it’s interesting to note that when used over the darker grey of Gravel Road the Driftwood looks really light, while over the white of Fluff it looks really dark.

But I promise you, it doesn’t look it, but the stencil was painted with the exact same color on both of these pieces!

Once the paint was dry I sanded over the entire thing to give it a more faded appearance.

And that was enough to give this table plenty of personality!

It’s now a great little table for a reading nook or perhaps at bedside.

As I was taking the photos for this post, one of the books happened to flop open to this page.

That brought a smile to my face as an unexpected reminder of the trip Mr. Q and I are taking to Italy later this fall.

In fact, it made me realize that this table has a bit of an Italian flair, maybe Italian renaissance with that damask pattern?

OK, that might be a tiny bit of a stretch, but I’m going with it.

15 thoughts on “an Italian table.

  1. Sweet table. I have done a couple of tables in a similar style and have sold them quickly. The rub on transfers are great, but the transfers probably won’t stand up to the use that an end table gets! I love the colors and the pattern in the stencil is perfect for the table. Good multiple project use! Thanks for your input on the slick stick. I always love reading product reviews, especially honest ones.


    1. I have wondered that as well about using the transfers on a tabletop. Whether they would stand up to heavy use. I think with a durable topcoat over them they would be fine tho. I used one on a painted box and then top-coated it with The Real Milk Paint Co’s Finishing Cream and it is standing up to a lot of indignities. I tend to drag stuff across the top of the box fairly often, and it still looks great. One of these days I’ll have to try a transfer on a table top!


  2. I do like the little gray table. The stencil design was a perfect addition to the top. I have a grandmother’s clock that has a slick surface and I have been wanting to paint it. I might have to try this product. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Love the table…the design on the top was the perfect touch. Good to know there’s something out there to cover the laminate surfaces too. Another great redo!


  4. I love the colors you chose and have a big soft-spot in my heart for damask (right word? I usually call it the wrong thing. lol) The table is definitely not a plain-jane now!


    1. Oh boy, I see I didn’t mention that in the post … and July 2018 was a long time ago! I really don’t remember. But you could use any of the Dixie Belle topcoats over the paint.


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