public service message.

This is a rare evening post here on q is for quandie and its only purpose is to alert my local readers to some great sales taking place starting tomorrow.

First off is the Reclaiming Beautiful Annual Backroom Garage Sale.

I’ve never actually been to this event because I happen to have a day job.  Ugh.  I can’t tell you how many amazing shopping opportunities I miss out on because they take place during the week.

Basically this is Reclaiming Beautiful’s opportunity to clean out their back room and they promise ‘garage sale’ prices.  So hopefully some of you can head to the sale and score some bargains!

Reclaiming Beautiful is located at 216 Myrtle Street W in Stillwater, MN.

Next up is the Stone Hill Farm and Friends Vintage Barn Sale.

You may remember that I posted about the Barn Chic Vintage Sale last year around this time.

Well, they have re-branded with a new name and some new vendors, but the same fabulous location in Kim’s barn.  They’ve been sharing lots of photos on Facebook and it looks like they have some amazing stuff this year.

They are also open starting tomorrow (Thursday, June 28) and will be open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Thursday through Saturday.  They are located at 2946 Oakgreen Avenue in Stillwater, MN.

Both of the sales have a Stillwater address and they are about 10 minutes apart so it’s a great opportunity for a two-fer!  Although don’t be thrown off by the Stone Hill Farm location which is on the southern outskirts of town not far from the Lake Elmo Park Reserve, not in downtown Stillwater.

Happy shopping!

11 thoughts on “public service message.

  1. Sounds like some awesome shopping. Would be a great day trip. A little tough for me as I’m on Cape Cod but all you locals have fun!


  2. Thanks so much, Linda! I have to work also, but I
    home Saturday morning, so maybe I will head into Stillwater and check those sales out. They look like fun!


  3. Geez you are killin’ me here! You seem to have some great things going on in Minn. but too far from the West Coast of Canada.


  4. I wish that I lived closer! I contacted the Dale Chihuly website, Tacoma museum, Seattle museum, and left messages. Hopefully someone will get back to me. The only info that I can find online is about the time he spent with Murano Glass company and his construction and hanging of the Chandeliers in Venice. I will get back to you when I find something out. 😊


  5. Love these transfers and will definitely have to order some if I don’t win. You ARE my favorite blogger and my next favorite is orphanswithmakeup, even though she doesn’t post very often. Thanks again!


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