the barn chic vintage sale.

Hi everybody!  This is a public service announcement especially for my local readers (Twin Cities, Minnesota), although the rest of you may enjoy it as well.

You may remember that last year I shared a tour of Kim’s fabulous home, Stone Hill Farm (here, here and here).

Kim and her friends Lisa and Susan host the fabulous Barn Chic Vintage Sale out of Kim’s barn and this year they are having their sale a little earlier than usual.  In fact, it starts tomorrow!

They let me swing by last night for a little preview, so I thought I’d share a few photos with you all!

They have tons of lovely painted furniture.  So much that I can’t possibly share it all with you in a blog post.  This french provincial vanity/desk is so pretty, I love the colors on it paired with the natural wood top (which is a little hard to see in this photo).

There is also a matching nightstand (and you can see that wood top better in this photo) …

Although not french provincial in style, this next dresser looks equally lovely in the blue and white color scheme.

 Here’s an adorable wicker sofa reupholstered in vintage chenille.

I didn’t ask what paint color was on this petite desk, but it looks a lot like the MMS Flow Blue on my Norwegian stool from the other day, doesn’t it?

I love the hot pink bird on the fabric on this vanity bench.  The green and white waterfall style vanity that it’s paired with would be an awesome addition to a girl’s bedroom.

There are many, many more pieces of furniture!

But there are also plenty of smaller decor items too, like this rustic folk art house.

And as you can imagine, this miniature dresser has my name all over it!

I was also really tempted by these adorable banners made out of remnants from vintage embroidered linens.

What a great use for those pretty vintage linens, right?

You know I have a weakness for floral china, and they had a lovely set.

I think most of my favorite colors were well represented.

Aqua …

Green …

Yellow …

Red …

Oh, and guess what?  This is just the stuff that was inside.  They also have a ton of stuff outside!  They didn’t quite have that stuff set up yet, and I was distracted by the chickens, so I didn’t get any photos out there.  You’ll just have to take my word for it, there was a lot of great stuff!

Here are the details for the sale.

When:  Thursday, June 22 – Saturday, June 24 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day.

Where:  2946 Oakgreen Avenue, Stillwater, MN

Please note, they do not take credit cards, so come prepared to pay cash.

If you are local, you won’t want to miss this sale!



17 thoughts on “the barn chic vintage sale.

  1. Beautiful items. Too bad you are so far away from me. I especially like the wicker sofa covered with chenille. So sweet. And, the banner is a great way to use “cutter” pieces of embroidered cloth. Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed everything even though I won’t be able to attend the sale. Maybe you’ll have photos from the items outside that you can share later. Thank you. Fonda


  2. Hello Linda…I always enjoying seeing your post..your so talented…and your photography is beautiful…!!
    I have a question for you…I know you have used alot of paint’s…do you know if you can use the Milk Paint Bonding primer with a Latex paint…?? Have you ever done that?? I painted my kitchen cabinets 6 years ago in an excellent brand of latex paint..and I used a good primer….but with daily use around the paint it starting to chip off here and there…do you have any suggestions for me..I know you mainly use Milk paint’s …but I didn’t know if you have “went out of the box”..?? ha…Thank you so much..
    Linda from TN


    1. I’m not precisely sure that I understand what you are asking. Are you repainting entirely, or looking for a product to put over your latex to protect it? I’m going to assume you are repainting. First of all, Bonding Agent is a product that sells with the MMS line of milk paint and is meant to be mixed into the milk paint so that the milk paint will adhere better (so it’s not really a primer). I rarely use it. When I use milk paint I want it to get chippy, so no point in adding bonding agent. If I don’t want a chippy finish, I will use a different paint. Lately that has mainly been the Fusion acrylic paint, but I also have used a lot of chalk paint in the past. Believe it or not (and Mr. Q will probably not), I do like to keep practicality and function in mind when choosing which paint to use for which project. Personally I wouldn’t attempt to paint kitchen cabinets in milk paint (unless you are painting bare wood, which is an entirely different ballgame). I definitely wouldn’t use it over latex because it’s too much work to get good adhesion over latex. Plus, a wax or hemp oil top coat over milk paint (or chalk paint) is not going to be washable or durable enough for kitchen cabinets (my personal opinion). Although you could use the Tough Coat Sealer. But boy, doesn’t that sound like a ton of work? And lots of product to buy; bonding agent, milk paint, tough coat sealer. If you don’t want a chippy finish, it’s definitely not worth it. Instead consider using the Fusion paint. It’s very durable and totally washable without a top coat (less steps! and less product to buy!). If you prep your latex cupboards properly you also shouldn’t need a primer. Be sure to scuff sand them and wash them really well with a de-greaser (especially important in a kitchen to remove any grease from cooking). If you aren’t confident in your prep, you could use Fusion’s Ultra Grip primer and then the Fusion paint. If it’s any consolation, I am in the same boat as you. I painted my kitchen cabinets many years ago with a latex paint and it has totally worn away around the knobs. If I were to paint my cabinets today (and one of these days I will have to bite the bullet and do so, but not this year) I would definitely go with Fusion myself. I just love how washable the stuff is. Just remember, it needs to cure (21 days) before it reaches max durability/washability.


      1. Linda..thank you for your prompt reply and information..what I “should have said”..was I am going to “touch” up my cabinet….like I have many times before..and “add” the bonding agent to the latex paint….I didn’t know if it would “bond” to my wood cabinet better….?? I can’t use the “chippy” look ….so I think I will just “sand” the area down..and re prime it..and paint…it is only a small area around the knobs…UGH…when we purchased our had oak cabinets..and I painted them a linen color which I love…it totally changed my kitchen “for the better”…thank you again..I may try the Fusion paint on another project and see how I like it…who knows…I may “repaint” my kitchen…ha !!
        Linda in TN


      2. Ahhh, OK, I get it now. Unfortunately I don’t know if you can mix MMS bonding agent with latex paint, or how effective it would be to do so. I’m just guessing on this, but I think it might change the sheen/look of your latex a bit, which could work against you if you are just touching up certain spots. I think your current plan of sanding, priming and painting just those areas is probably your best course of action if you aren’t re-painting entirely.


  3. Looks like a fabulous sale. It seems there are great finds in your area. I need a road trip. Great pics. Thanks for sharing.


  4. How I wish I lived close to you and that sale! You’d have to peel me outta’ there and I wouldn’t have a dime left to my name. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos.


  5. The sale was pretty awesome ♡
    I purchased the little red chair for granddaughters doll play area.
    Also an awesome vintage bench hidden under items placed on top. Love her barn sales. Thanks for the heads up.


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