hello spring.

Woo hoo!  Happy spring!

OK, technically the first official day of spring was yesterday so I’m a day late.  It snowed here yesterday though, so it didn’t feel particularly spring-like.

Here in Minnesota we won’t actually be able to start gardening for at least another 4 to 6 weeks.  On average we are not safe from potential frosts until May 15.

But the days are definitely getting longer and last Saturday was bright and sunny with a high in the upper 40’s.  Some of you from warmer climates might be shaking your head at that, but for us sunshine and 48 degrees in March feels pretty dang awesome.  Lots of snow was melting!

To celebrate the arrival of spring, I hauled out my Cricut machine and added words to some stuff.

It may be too early to plant in the garden, but it’s not too early to plant up some succulents for your windowsill.

Reclaiming Beautiful (the shop in Stillwater, MN where I sell on commission) is bringing back their famous succulent bar starting tomorrow.  Basically they have everything set up for potting up some succulents.  You choose a container, fill it with soil, choose some succulents to add and then add some further embellishments if desired.  If you are local, check out the full details here.

I’ll be bringing in some vintage-ware that can be used as containers.

I love planting in old enamelware.

Pretty vintage china is perfect for succulents too.

So, if you’re local you should swing by Reclaiming Beautiful, and if you aren’t local, head to your favorite nursery and find something green to pot up in a vintage container to tide you over until spring really does arrive!

10 thoughts on “hello spring.

  1. I love the words on the enamelware. We used these words on all kinds of stuff… platters, dinner dishes, mailboxes, etc. I think you did a post using the numbers for your house address on an ironstone platter, and then hung it by your back door. This was the inspiration for quite a few “bloom” and “grow” plates. They look great nestled in the ground by flowers. Except that our ground is still frozen…lol. Spring isn’t quite here yet for sure.


  2. Enamelware is my favorite. Perfect for the succulent bar! I put some faux succulents in an old green metal recipe box. Love it!


  3. Enchanting- and this is why I so love to visit your blog. I could ever walk thru a chain store and find such endearing bits and bobs to add personality to my home. By the way I love your Pinterest boards as well.


    1. Oh, thanks so much Victoria! I’m a big fan of using unique, truly vintage items around my home. Not just the knock offs sold at Hobby Lobby or other chain stores.


  4. Wondering if you’re happy with the Circuit machine (I’m considering buying it or the Silhouette) and wondering what the difference is between selling on commission and selling on consignment? Sorry I have so many questions today! Thought maybe you might be able to work them into a post? I’d just like to see your thoughts on the subjects.


    1. I’ve never used a Silhouette, so I don’t think I can really give valuable advice on which one to choose. I only use my Cricut with the font cartridges, which really means I’m not utilizing it to its full capacity. I could hook mine up to a computer and download fonts and graphics to cut, but I never have. I just use mine for some very basic cutting, and I know both machines are capable of much more. As for commission v. consignment, I use both terms interchangeably which probably isn’t precisely correct. Technically I sell ‘on consignment’, and I get a ‘commission’ when the pieces sell.


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