jingle all the way.

Back in April, Mary over at orphans with makeup (if you’ve never visited Mary’s blog, you should, she does beautiful work) posted about working with Homestead House to style and photograph all of their milk paint colors.

Her photo of the color Upper Canada Green (above) got me thinking about an oval gold frame that I’ve had hanging around for ages.

I used this frame in my dining room for a long time.  I never put anything in it.  I used it flat on the table as part of a centerpiece for a while, and I also layered it in front of a larger gold framed mirror hanging on the wall.  But as much as I loved it ‘as is’, when I decided to change up the dining room a couple of years ago it was time to sell it and move on.  As it turned out, no one else loved it as much as I did because it didn’t sell.  Maybe no one could figure out what to do with an empty frame?  Or maybe no one else loves the gold?

When I saw Mary’s photo it got me thinking about using some milk paint to give the frame a new look.  So a while back when I had some milk paint left over after painting my green alligator farmhouse table, I used it to paint this frame.

Green Alligator is a custom mix of equal parts Miss Mustard Seed’s Kitchen Scale, Homestead House’s Upper Canada Green and Loyalist.

As you can see in that photo, I didn’t try to get paint into every crack and crevice.  I almost dry brushed it on, trying to leave bits of gold showing on the high points.

I then used 220 grit sandpaper to remove even a little more paint, and finally I waxed the frame with Miss Mustard Seed antiquing wax to give it some age.

The dark wax dulls the color a bit and adds more definition to the details.

Ken cut a piece of hard board to fit the frame so that I could turn it into a chalkboard.

I added the ‘jingle all the way’ using my tracing method (shared here), and then I free-handed the holly and sprigs of evergreen.

So now that I’ve solved both of my problems; it’s no longer gold and it now has a designated purpose as a chalkboard, hopefully it will sell quickly at Reclaiming Beautiful.

What do you think?



24 thoughts on “jingle all the way.

  1. Love it! I typically sell chalkboards like this quickly. Say bye to it cause you won’t see it again! I have an very worn silver tray that I plan on giving the chalkboard treatment to. And then using the method you shared to put ‘words’ on it. Thanks for all your inspiration.


  2. I would have bought it! It is a beautiful frame. I love the color and the chalk saying. There are just “those things” that you are meant to keep.


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