storing the family jewels.

Way back last winter Mr. Q followed up on a Craigslist ad I sent him and he purchased this for me.

From the fuzzy pictures included with the Craigslist ad, I thought it was another old doll dresser.  When Mr. Q saw it in person he thought I would love it due to my love of tiny dressers, but he forgot to factor in that I am a bit of a tiny dresser snob.  You see, it’s not old.  Well, it’s probably slightly old … like 80’s old, but not the kind of old I like.  It’s also a bit bigger than I thought it would be.  I’m sure it was always intended to be a jewelry box.

So it sat.  First it sat in my Q Branch for a while, then it sat on my unused three season porch during the 4th season (winter), then it got moved out to my carriage house workshop where it sat all summer.

But I finally pulled it out and decided to give it a ‘quandie quickie Wednesday’ makeover.

First things first, I got out some sandpaper and gave the piece more of a distressed look.  That alone was a major improvement.  But then I swapped out the knobs on the front.  I just wasn’t loving either of the knob styles that the dresser came with.  The knobs on the tiny upper drawers were painted over metal and a bit too small, while the knobs on the lower drawers were plastic and just a bit too big.  So I replaced all of them with some white porcelain knobs that I had on hand.

I added some fun Tim Holtz rub-ons behind the lower knobs.

Next I added some more Tim Holtz rub-on numbers to the inside drawers.

But for me, the real pièce de résistance is the Iron Orchid Designs transfer I added to the top.

This is another of the designs that came with the “French Pots III’ set that I purchased for the cupboard in my bedroom.  Once again, even though these were meant for clay pots, this one worked beautifully for this jewelry box as well.

So, a few quick improvements added a lot to this piece, don’t you think?

This jewelry box found a new home with one of the Reclaiming Beautiful owners, Monique.  I hope she’s enjoying it!

26 thoughts on “storing the family jewels.

  1. This was pretty impressive. A true from “drab” to “fab” piece. As i was reading, my first thought was to call and claim it, until I read it was taken already. Beautiful job…especially those rub on transfers behind the knobs. A stroke of genius! Well done.


  2. I have recently started following you, and I have to say, you amaze me. The sheer number of projects you get done is crazy. You have a great knowledge of the products you use and how to use them in ways other than intended. The small added details you do make all the difference in the special pieces you make over. What you make is not even my personal style preference, but I love the looks you create. I look forward to seeing your blog and the creations you’ve been working on. You are giving me an appreciation for some of the treasures that I’ve uncovered at my mothers estate and I have incorporated them into my home and decorating style. Thank you.


  3. I love it! I know that you have used Tim Holtz transfers before. I really like them. I particularly like the ones behind the knobs. Thanks for sharing.


    1. I love the Tim Holtz line. I’ve been using it for years in my scrapbooking. As I said in my post, I just wish he made some that were a bit bigger. He seems to like really tiny stuff (just sayin’).


  4. Hi there…I really liked this piece, but adored the jewellery. Now I am a real jewellery nut. I just cannot resist buying it. Anyway I have made the great decision to paint my dry sink and I would love to put some transfers on it. Where could I pick some of these up inOntario. There is a Michaels close by. Anyway your blog makes my day. Love toMom and sister..Betty (and also to you)


  5. You might be able to find the Tim Holtz rub-ons at Michaels. I haven’t checked there recently, but they have had them in the past. However, they are quite small. If you are looking for the IOD transfers, which are more properly sized for furniture, let me know where you are in Ontario (cuz that’s a pretty big place) and I’ll see what I can find out for you.


  6. Even though it’s not as old as you would have liked, you made it look old with all the great transfers and knobs. I love that you always have the perfect details to get the perfect results. Another beautiful project complete!


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