Do you ever think about the origins of the word ‘blog’?

It’s a shortened version of ‘weblog’, or web log.  Blogs started out as a sort of online log or diary and can be public or private.

I’m bringing this up today by way of explaining that sometimes I look at my blog as a way of conveniently keeping track of my life.  I refer back to my blog all the time.  If I can’t remember exactly what color I used on a particular piece of furniture, or what topcoat I put over it, I look it up on the blog.  I also go back and look at the various different combinations of plants I’ve used in my window boxes and remember which ones worked well and which ones didn’t.

But I also enjoy looking at posts about trips I took and reminiscing about the experience.  When I went on the Danube River cruise a couple of years ago I sort of dropped the ball on posting about it.  I managed a couple of posts, but I definitely left a lot of stuff out.  So I’m determined this time to feature each of the ports of call on my last trip in a blog post.

I’ll admit, it’s pure selfishness on my part.   But based on the comments I’ve received, I know that at least some of you are enjoying these posts too!  I plan to post these travel posts every Wednesday for the rest of the summer, so if you are bored by them you can avoid Wednesday posts!

But for the rest of you, today’s post is about our third port of call, Kristiansand, Norway.

I have to admit, Kristiansand was not my most favorite stop on this cruise.  But keep in mind we visited 11 ports of call, and they were all pretty amazing.  They can’t all be the most favorite!

Maybe it was the public toilets that required a coin I didn’t have?  Or maybe it was the tiny historic area, or Posebyen, that I had such high expectations for but was rather disappointed by.  I don’t want to imply that Kristiansand was bad, it definitely wasn’t, it just wasn’t as incredible as the other ports we visited.

However, there was this door in the most perfect shade of aqua …

And another thing in Kristiansand’s favor was that it had an awesome antique shop.  Let’s see, vintage garden chairs with chippy paint …

and a stack of old suitcases?  Yeah, this place drew me in like a magnet.

If I could have just purchased this vintage luggage tag I would have!

It only took us about an hour or two to wander around the town, antique shop included, then another 30 minutes to sit and have a cup of coffee and use the free toilet at the coffee shop (two fancy coffees, $11.21 paid with Mr. Q’s phone app; two uses of the toilet, free).

Then we started to wonder what we should do with the rest of our day.  I had grabbed a tourist brochure after getting off the ship though and noticed that there was a park, Ravnedalen, with hiking trails just at the edge of the old town.  So we headed over there to check it out.

This turned out to be a great choice.

Mr. Q takes a break and enjoys the view!

It was beautifully serene in the woods, and the hiking trails were amazing.

And they led to beautiful views of some small lakes.

For you local Minnesota readers, looking at these photos you can see why so many Norwegian immigrants felt right at home in Minnesota, right?

After hiking around for a bit, we headed back through town towards the port and of course we had to stop for a moment to check out the Neo-Gothic cathedral in the middle of town.  It was entirely surrounded by construction that was taking place (and this actually was the case in many of the places we visited on our trip), but I managed to get a nice photo of it anyway.

All in all, Kristiansand was a lovely little town, but not terribly exciting.  As you continue to follow along with my Wednesday travel posts and see some of the other stunning places we visited, you’ll understand that Kristiansand had some pretty fierce competition for ‘most favorite’ port.  Hope you’ll stay tuned!

17 thoughts on “kristiansand.

    1. Yes! I wish I would have found somewhere that I could buy those enamel number plates. I love them! There were also a few old street signs I wanted to tuck into my suitcase, especially some in Stavanger; Strandkaien, Nedre Strandgate, Ovre Strandgate … any one of those would have been awesome to have for my garden 🙂


  1. Love the leather valise or suitcase, it is so beautiful. I think I would have purchased it and transferred all my stuff to it and thrown out the suitcase I originally started the trip with. But then, the thought of airline baggage handlers throwing it onto the conveyer belts would have undone me. Vision/fantasy over. Beautiful photos and thanks for the travel posts.


  2. Just wanted to let you know that I am enjoying your posts about your trip. My husband doesn’t really like to fly or cruise, so this is the closest I can get to a trip like yours!


    1. Think of a girl’s vacation. Grab your friends/family member and make some plans. Life is too short not to. Maybe your husband will think of something to do alone or with the boys. Enjoy!


    2. Yep, no flying and no cruising really limits your options. Overseas travel isn’t for everyone, but I’m glad you get to at least vicariously enjoy it through my blog 😉


  3. So fun my husband thinks Scotland is the only country he wants to visit. He would love to golf at St. Andrews..Lol!
    I think you may love the color aqua. Isn’t it lovely that you are able to capture it along you way? My fav the cathedral.
    Seriously gorgeous building! Where are we heading next week?


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