a garden stool.

I grabbed this little stool a while back when I saw it at a garage sale.

I love to buy small pieces like this to paint.  They are fun, quick little projects that bring a lot of satisfaction with just a little bit of effort.

They are also perfect projects for milk paint beginners.  So if you’re thinking about trying milk paint for the first time, look for something like this to experiment on.

I mixed up about 1/4 cup of Homestead House milk paint in a color called Upper Canada Green.  If you’re a Miss Mustard Seed milk paint fan, this color is quite similar to her Luckett’s Green.  I like to let my milk paint ‘simmer’ (I say simmer, but no heat or cooking is involved) a bit to be sure all of the pigments have had time to dissolve.  This is especially important with the greens.  So while I was letting the mixed paint sit for a bit, I sanded the stool and then wiped it down with TSP substitute.  I was trying to avoid getting too much chipping that would show that white paint underneath.

My efforts paid off because I didn’t get any chipping at all!

After two coats of paint and some drying time, I sanded lightly to distress the edges and then I added an Iron Orchid Designs furniture transfer.

This little stool is the perfect height to use for weeding your garden.  I don’t know about you, but I’m at a certain age where I pay later for sitting, kneeling or bending over the garden for too long.  So I like to use a little low stool when I’m gardening.  It just makes it so much easier!

I added a topcoat of Homestead House furniture wax to this stool, but I’m second guessing that decision now.  I’m not sure how well the wax will protect the rub-on from frequent sitting.  I probably should have opted for a more durable sealer, but … well … hindsight is always 20/20.

At this point I would not try to put a water based topcoat over the wax.  I don’t think it would adhere well or go on smoothly.  I wish I hadn’t been quite so quick to add that wax!  Live and learn, right?



24 thoughts on “a garden stool.

    1. This is one of the smaller versions. A small project like this is a great way to try your first transfer to get the hang of it before moving on the a big piece of furniture.


  1. I like that green, it’s a peaceful color. The transfer is a great match – and I agree on the hesitation on the wax, it may get sticky in the sunshine outside. It is difficult to choose a finish, I have that mental argument all the time when I finish painting. Wax, hemp oil, flat topcoat?


    1. When I originally finished the stool, I wasn’t thinking ahead to its potential use. Even for occasional use outside I would normally opt for the most durable topcoat, like the Tough Coat Sealer or a flat poly. Here in Minnesota we don’t have to worry to much about heat, but in the south I think wax can be iffy for any piece that will sit in the sun. Hemp oil provides the least amount of durability, but I love it over dark colors for bring out the richness of the color. All stuff to think about when choosing a top coat!


  2. Love this color and the transfer is really cite too. Perfect! Would be nice just sitting somewhere looking good with no purpose at all…


  3. The little stool is adorable! My favorite green color. I totally get the bit about being a “certain age”… I have the same problem.

    Maybe you could experiment with the underside and try heating it with a hair dryer or heat gun on low and melt the wax and blot it off. Maybe then a topcoat would cover the paint. Just a thought….


    1. I’m afraid trying to remove the wax would damage the transfer. I think we’ll have to go with Terri’s suggestion and consider this stool something that looks good sitting somewhere with no real purpose at all 😉


  4. I love this little stool. My 10yo granddaughter has decided that she would like to paint with grandma. What a perfect project to start her out with. We will have to do this during summer break. Thanks Linda.


    1. Definitely the perfect project for painting with grandma! Check your local thrift shops and garage sales to find some little stools. You can easily accomplish this in an afternoon 🙂


  5. Quite the charmer this little guy is. I spent two hours weeding this morning would have been perfect to perch on as I made my way around the bed.
    Love both the color and of course the transfer adds tons of personality.
    Keeper or Carriage Sale? Too cute not to keep.


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