forget about you? never.

I bet you guys thought I forgot all about you while I was off on my trip to Norway and Scotland.

sailing away from Bergen, Norway

And really, who could blame me with scenery like that to distract me?

I didn’t bring a laptop or anything like that with me on my trip, just my phone.  And my cell service was spotty at best.  For some reason I couldn’t get my email to load on my phone after the first couple of days either (remember, I’ve said it before, I’m not very good at the techie stuff).  I had been planning on at least attempting to respond to some blog comments while I was away, but that didn’t happen.

None the less, I was still thinking about you guys!

I wanted to bring back a fun giveaway and I remembered that I brought some German decorating magazines home after my Danube River cruise and they were a big hit.  So while I was hanging out in the Copenhagen airport I checked out the magazine stand and found some great stuff.

Now, I’m not entirely positive, but I think this first one is a Norwegian publication (can any of you confirm that by reading the cover?).

You may be thinking ‘why would I want a magazine that I can’t even read?’, I will counter that with ‘come on, do you really read the articles or do you mostly just look at the pictures?’

But I also grabbed a copy of the British edition of Country Living just in case you really do want to read the articles.

The tiny french garden chair in this article has me drooling all over the page (see it below in the lower right corner?).

But the really exciting find was this!

Jeanne d’ Arc Living magazine, right off the newsstand!  I got so excited about it because getting your hands on a Jeanne d’ Arc Living magazine in the U.S. is a bit more complicated than just heading to your local newsstand (although you can easily order them online from my friend Michelle, and they will be in English).

Of course it’s silly of me to be surprised.  This is a Danish magazine after all, so why wouldn’t it be right there on the airport newsstand in Copenhagen?!

I bought a copy for myself and a copy to give away.  The clerk at the cash register asked me if I realized I had two of the same magazine.  ‘Yep!’, I said.  And then I explained how excited I was to find them and she mentioned that she envied the quantity and variety of magazines that we have in the U.S.  The grass is always greener, right?

Anyway, this is the Danish version of the magazine, so not in English.  But still, again, the pictures …

Don’t need any translation to appreciate the pictures!

There is a great article about a garden house made from old doors.

How funny is it that the only thing I can read on this page is ‘Linda’ and ‘handy woman’?!  Seems as though this magazine was meant to wind up in my hands, and possible yours as well!

So now for the fun part, I’m giving all three of these magazines away to one lucky reader.  Would you like to have them?  All you have to do to be eligible to win is leave a comment on this blog post by Friday, June 9.  I will draw a name at random from among those who comment and ship off the magazines to the lucky winner.  Maybe I’ll throw in some milk paint too.  How about it?  Should I also add some milk paint?

Don’t forget to leave a comment to be eligible to win!

115 thoughts on “forget about you? never.

  1. We’ve been waiting with baited breath to hear of the tales of Quandie. Remember we all live it through you! Glad you had a great time.


    1. So funny Lee Ann … I thought you were my long time friend Lee Ann Kuhn (we’ve discussed before that I have a friend with your same name) and I thought “oh, when did LeeAnn get a blog?!”… ha! She is a very creative person too, so it wouldn’t surprise me if she had a blog called Creative Moments! Of course I clicked the link and realized right away it was you, instead of the other Lee Ann Kuhn. Thanks for your comment Lee Ann Kuhn II 😉


  2. I just found you recently and started following. I live fairly close to you so I hope to get to your Carriage House sale. Looking forward to all your upcoming posts. I have a dresser that is begging for milk paint and I love international decorating magazines.


  3. Hope you had a wonderfully relaxing holiday! Your drawings are always very exciting! Did you see any new color motivators while abroad?


  4. I’m just catching up with your blog but wanted to let you know how wonderful your travel and furniture decorating posts are. Your pictures make me want to travel abroad and re-do every piece of furniture we own. Keep up the wonderful details and information in your posts as I live vicariously through you. Hugs from SC.


  5. Phew… I didnt read though all 113 comments, but I can confirm that the magazine you questioned about is in fact Norwegian, and may I say, one of my very favourit interior magazines 😉


    1. Tusen takk Tone! I thought it must be, but I couldn’t find an address for the publisher or anything inside. I can see why it’s your favorite!


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