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My favorite way to fill time in an airport is by checking out the magazines.  I almost always find some that I never see at my local supermarket.  Of course, when I am on foreign soil, that is especially true.  My recent trip was no exception.  We had some time to kill in the Nuremberg airport, so I nabbed a few German magazines.

German Country Style

In case you are wondering, no, I pretty much can’t read any German.  I just got them for the pictures!

It’s fun to compare decorating styles.  Of course, European and American decorating styles aren’t going to be wildly different.  I am sure that a lot of our trends here come from Europe, and vice versa.  I saw a lot of things that would be right at home in an American magazine.  The plaid wool throws in the picture above for instance.

Or the lovely grey sofa in this one …

German grey

To me though, the furs feel undeniably northern European.

And even though I know we can get SMEG refrigerators in the U.S. now, I still think of them as quintessentially European.

German SMEG

Some things need no translation, like the Christmas wreath and a fab farmhouse table with French bistro chairs.  Apparently these are coveted over there too.

German magazine 2

And then you have something like this next one.  Title in English, decor in English (poster on the wall), but the rest of the article in German.  Is this room in Germany?  Look at the funky radiator under the window (at least I think that is a radiator), is that a clue?

German magazine 3

I just don’t know, but I do know that I love this sort of industrial chic look.

Now that I have finished perusing my German decorating magazines, I thought it might be fun to share them with you.  If you leave me a comment, I’ll put your name in a drawing and 4 lucky winners will get a magazine (sorry, drawing open to U.S. residents only).  We have to make this quick, since I want you to get your magazine before Christmas, so the drawing will close on Friday, December 5.  Leave me a comment if you’d like to have one!

25 thoughts on “decorating in any language.

  1. how fun to have a look through these. I found myself drawn to the red and gray pillow… the pattern is interesting. Thanks for sharing!


  2. This is a super fun giveaway. I loooove magazines. I am a little bit of a magazine hoarder lol! Would love to win this one from Germany. How sweet would that be.
    Thanks for the chance.


  3. Love looking at photos in magazines…while blog photos are fantastic too 😉 there is something about feeling those glossy pages between your fingers!


  4. How cool! You are right…who needs to know the language!! Very fun to see the comforting familiarity of country decorating is worldwide! Would love to have one of the mags! Thanks, and Merry Christmas!


  5. Me, me, me, Pick me! I will have my kids read it to me. LOL They both were exchange students in Germany …but then again, that was quite a few years ago……


  6. I would love to win a copy! I would pass it on after I am done to spread the happiness around during this lovely giving season! 🙂


  7. I’m happy to find that so many of you still love magazines! I admit I was a little worried that people would read this post and think “what in the world? why would I want a magazine in a foreign language?” I should have known better! Of course you would all enjoy them just as much as I did! I’ll wait until Friday, and then pick the lucky winners!


  8. Ok I confess a great magazine with a lot of decorating ideas is one of my guilty pleasures. I have enjoyed many of the ones you so generously share with your customers at your Carriage House Sale. I probably still have a few. How exciting to have one from a foreign country.


  9. I think this was a great idea! I love seeing the beautiful rooms. My son speaks German I could ask him to translate. The pictures speak for themselves anyway. Thank you for sharing.


  10. Isn’t it fun to read different magazines (even if it is just to look at the pictures)! I would love the chance to look through one of the ones you picked up overseas. Thank you!


  11. Magazine addict here…I would even borrow one from you and send it back!!!!
    Lovely, lovely, lovely. Funny a customer brought a stack of magazines and books to me to browse a few weeks ago…and she told my husband to notice that the one book is in Swedish, but not to worry, we only look at the pictures anyway!


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