the vintage crawl.

Hey all of you local readers, don’t forget that the Vintage Crawl presented by the Two Rivers Vintage Collective starts tomorrow!

If you’d like to read a little bit more about each of the shops that is participating, be sure to head over to my more detailed post on the Reclaiming Beautiful blog (click here).

I’ll be dropping off a truck load of goodies at Reclaiming Beautiful later this evening including the black and white dresser …

and the headboard sign …

and this chalkboard shelf …

and who knows what else I might come up with!

The forecast for the next four days calls for beautiful spring weather, perfect for checking out some vintage shops!

9 thoughts on “the vintage crawl.

    1. I’m a bit envious Diane! I have to work at the day job on Friday, and it’s going to be a gorgeous, sunny day. It will be like torture being stuck in the office while you are out finding some fab vintage stuff!


    1. Hey, I think maybe I should write a post about that! But in the meantime, you have a couple of great choices this weekend with two great Minneapolis neighborhood sales, Bryn Mawr (click here for details) and Tangletown (click here). Be forewarned though, I am predicting that both will be mobbed with the gorgeous weather we’re expecting!


    1. I think I’ve always been a fan of blue green colors, but lately I’ve been having fun mixing my own versions of them. That one is a mix of Miss Mustard Seed Kitchen Scale and Homestead House Loyalist and Upper Canada Green.


    1. Thank you! Well, just to be sure there is no confusion, none of the pieces pictured in this post are stenciled. The blue/green headboard shelf has an Iron Orchid Designs furniture transfer (available online) on it. The chalkboard (last photo) is hand drawn. Wait, I take that back, the black books on top of the black and white dresser are stenciled (see this post for details). I find most of my stencils on Etsy or from Maison de Stencils.


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