the buttermilk cream dresser.

I was checking out one of my favorite blogs the other day, Ranger 911.  Vickie from Ranger 911 is a fellow Minnesotan although she is way up north.  I’ve always considered the Twin Cities to be in a ‘warmer’ climate than the truly hardy souls who live anywhere north of Duluth.  As I write this post it is currently 36 degrees in St. Paul, but only 32 degrees in Hibbing, MN.  See?  Way warmer!

But anyway, not only do Vickie and I live in the same state but we have another, more important thing in common.  Here’s a clue …


Here’s another clue …


Yep, we both love tiny dressers!  Be sure to visit her blog and look around because she has more!

But today’s post isn’t about tiny dressers.  It’s about gorgeous, vintage, pale yellow dressers.  Vickie recently posted about a makeover in her ‘bedroom no. 3’ and it included this gorgeous pale yellow dresser.


I love that subtle pop of pale yellow in her mostly white room.  And that shade of yellow is perfectly vintage isn’t it?  And check out that authentic chipping!  Vickie tells me that she purchased this dresser ‘as is’ at an estate sale and she thinks this finish is authentically vintage.

As I was drooling over it I remembered that Homestead House sent me some of their milk paint in Buttermilk Cream.  I knew it would be very nearly that same shade of yellow.  And although there is just something about an original old painted finish, you can get pretty close to that look with chippy milk paint.


And now that I am armed with my foolproof method for creating the perfect chippy finish, well, I knew this was going to be a slam dunk.

I happened to have a lovely vintage dresser on hand too.


And sure enough, it was just that easy.  I followed the foolproof method and 3 coats of Buttermilk Cream later, voila!


I used the Salad Bowl Finish around the edges of everything, but didn’t use it on the big flat expanses (the drawer fronts and the top) which gave me chipping just where I wanted it.

My original ‘vision’ for this dresser involved replacing the hardware with glass knobs, but the original hardware is so gorgeous and it was all there.  I had to keep it.


It seemed apropos to stage my Buttermilk Cream dresser with a tiny dresser.

Thanks again for the inspiration Vickie!


If anyone local is interested in purchasing this perfectly adorable vintage dresser, please check my ‘available for local sale’ tab to see if it is still available and other details.

15 thoughts on “the buttermilk cream dresser.

  1. Another charmer Linda! I love the look and feel of Vickie’s bedroom #3. It has a very welcoming feel. Don’t you just love the character that angled wall adds and how the dresser just fits in there perfectly. Sweet!


  2. Thanks so much for the shout out, Linda! You’ve done a fabulous job recreating an old finish on your vintage dresser and you’ve styled it to perfection with the darling doll dresser. The color looks so pretty against your gray striped wall, and I love that you’ve kept the original hardware, too. I don’t think it’s going to be for sale long! Now I must have missed a post, because Salad Bowl Finish is new to me, but it’s the look I like, so I’m off to catch up. Thanks again and have a great week!


  3. Love the dresser and the warm colour with the original hardware.
    Thanks also for the mention of Ranger 911,I had not visited before and will definitely be spending some time on the blog.


  4. I couldn’t believe when I saw the little dresser. I have a wash stand and dresser w./mirror that my mother played with when she was a child. She was born in 1909. My uncle redid the items many years ago. It is one of my most beloved treasures.


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