dreaming of a white Christmas.

Dreaming is no longer necessary, we are definitely having a white Christmas here in the Twin Cities.  We received a lovely 6″ or so of snow last weekend and we might get some more on Friday.  Fingers crossed.

However, when I took the original photos for this post we had barely a dusting of snow.


I didn’t do too much with outside decorations this year, but I did take a few minutes to add some spruce tops and evergreen branches to the planter outside my door.

Then I added some lights and some twig star ornaments that I found at Target.

The real star of the show though is this adorable vintage kid sized snow shovel.


I purchased it some time ago at a vintage sale and then added the stencil myself.

Shortly after I put it outside we got that 6″ snowfall that I mentioned.  Apparently someone was listening!


Now you can barely even see that stencil.  Which is just as well since obviously I no longer have to dream of a white Christmas, it’s pretty much here!


21 thoughts on “dreaming of a white Christmas.

  1. And I’m dreaming of palm trees and pina coladas for Christmas but ain’t gonna happen here in Michigan. My motto is this “you don’t have to shovel sunshine; sunshine doesn’t send you sliding down the driveway and you don’t need to look like Cartman every time you leave the house when sunshine lays over the landscape”.


    1. All of that is true, and we all know I’m a beach loving person from way back, but there is just something about staying indoors on a snowy winter day with a cup of hot chocolate and a Bond movie marathon that I find very appealing. Somehow cold winter days give me permission be lazy and not feel guilty about it. I’ll take at least a dozen more please.


  2. Everything looks so lovely! What is your house color? It’s just beautiful.
    I used those same stars in my window box greens.


    1. Ahh, the house color. I’d have to look up the actual name of the color (let me know if you want me to do that), but it’s yet another one of those times where a paint color didn’t turn out quite like I thought it would. It was meant to be more of a dark grey, and instead has quite a lot of green in it. Over time the sun has brought out more green in the color too. But a dark color like this makes a great backdrop for gardens.


  3. Your cottage should be on the cover of a magazine. I absolutely love the simplicity of your design asethetic. The urn vignette full of tree toppers plus the addition the stencil on that vintage snow shovel are just darling. All this together with the pop of the snowflakes make this scene picture perfect. Merry Christmas Linda!


    1. Thank you so much Victoria. Your comment comes at a moment when I’m feeling really insecure about my own home. There are so many gorgeous ‘farmhouse style’ homes out there in blogland and I can’t help feeling like they leave my ‘simple’ design in the dust. I look around and think that everything should be painted white, I should have some shiplap somewhere, I really should get my floors stripped and re-varnished because they’ve gotten so orange-ish over time, and I think maybe the horizontal stripes on the walls need to go because they are too modern for the look I’m going for, and then there is that dining room that just refuses to lighten up! Sigh. So many projects, so little time! Let me go back to your comment now, I might have to re-read it about a dozen times today, perhaps while sipping on some eggnog.


    1. I bought them at Target several years ago and honestly I’m really impressed that they have held up so well in our Minnesota winter weather. I leave them out for most of the winter, but store them during the summer. I’m not sure if you can still find them this late in the game, but I did see them all over the place this year. Click {here} for a link to similar branches at Target this year.


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