a thrifty thursday.

My friend Meggan and I don’t often find the time to get together, but we’ve found that Thursdays sometimes work well for both of us.  When we both have one free (about twice a year, and always on the coldest days) we head over to a local thrift store for a thrifty Thursday.  I’ve officially given Meggan the designation of “master thrifter”.  It’s sort of like being a master gardener, but without a test.  Although I’m sure if there was a thrifting test of some kind, Meggan would ace it.  So I’m always happy to follow her lead while thrifting.

Last Thursday we headed out in sub-zero weather.  I expected the thrift store to be dead, after all only slightly crazy people and master thrifters are going to venture out in the ridiculous cold for some bargains, right?  Wrong.  The store was hopping.


The Christmas stuff was displayed front and center and I found some fun vintage holiday gear.  The milk glass Tom & Jerry bowl is so festive!


I chose a couple of items just because their vintage packaging was so awesome, like the tree stand and the cranberry set.


I don’t often find good vintage tablecloths at the thrift store, so this Christmas one was a fun find.


I forgot to include these adorable little house ornaments in my original photos so I had to go back and get a photo of them.  Aren’t they sweet?


In addition to the Christmas finds, I also came home with a few other small items.


I love the shape of that coffee pot.  I am picturing it with a plant in it next summer.

The ironstone casserole dish was missing it’s lid, but for $3.49 I knew it would work perfectly to add to the stack I have in my Welsh cupboard …

I also added another vintage silver plated salt & pepper set to my non-collection.


I’m using that non-collection in a holiday centerpiece on my table this season.

You never know what you might find at the thrift shop, but you really have to take your time to look.  Sometimes there’s a stash of knobs tucked in with a bunch of hardware.  I almost missed these.  I think they’ll work well on a future black dresser.


This little kid sized chair had a bad spray paint job, but I have already brought it into my workshop (a.k.a. on top of my grand piano) to give it a makeover.


Stayed tuned because you’ll be seeing it again soon.

29 thoughts on “a thrifty thursday.

  1. Especially love your Chridtmas centerpiece. It’s so festive…jard to believe you pulled that off with salt and pepper shakers. You’ve definitely got the touch!


  2. We really have to find more time for our Thrifty Thursdays, maybe when it’s above zero?! It’s always so much fun! You had some amazing scores, I love seeing how everything flows together. Let’s plan another one before spring hits!


    1. I’m happy to see that there are more in the collection. I’d love to have a 3rd one, just because I like odd numbers of things. I’ll have to keep my eyes open for one more!


    1. I debated those knobs, but Meggan gave them a big thumbs up so they came home with me. I’m glad you like them too Lisa. I’m thinking they might look pretty fab on a black piece.


  3. AWESOME FINDS! I have the same vintage tablecloth. Can’t wait to see what piece you find to put those gorgeous knobs on! Fab idea with your non-collection of S & P’s! I love all your ideas!


  4. Great finds, and your table centerpiece is beautiful, you have a gift! Thrift store shopping is so much fun, I scored vintage black faux fur coat recently for $ 10.00! Wore it to a charity ball and several folks wanted to buy it from me.
    Merry Christmas, Paula


  5. You must have better thrift stores around where you live than I do in Woodbury. What great finds. I, too, love the knobs. They are so distinctive. You have such a good eye.


    1. Well I got all of those items at the Arc Value Village on White Bear Ave, so not all that terribly far from you in Woodbury. I will say though, I never find much at the Goodwill in Woodbury!


  6. Hmmm…Love the non collection of ironstone casseroles didn’t even know there was such a thing. My favorite are those knobs they remind me of my mother’s cameo pins. They will make the piece you use them on.


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