throwback thursday no. 10

I’ve been falling a bit behind on the throwback thursday posts.  I haven’t had time to put them together, so I’ve decided to keep them shorter and hopefully sweeter.

Today we’re just going back to 2013.  If you’ve been wondering just exactly where paradise on earth is located, wonder no more.  I found it.

jvd sailboats

Jost van Dyke is in the British Virgin Islands.  I had the pleasure of spending just a very short time there while on a cruise.  I’ve been to lots of beaches and White Bay on Jost van Dyke definitely tops the list as one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen.

jvd beach 2

My only complaint about my visit is that it was just simply far too short.

jvd boat

We arrived by boat and had the option of jumping off and swimming ashore, or taking a small dinghy ashore.  I was with my sister and we had a bag of stuff (including a camera) that couldn’t get wet, so she jumped in and I brought all of our stuff in the dinghy.  There is no boat dock in White Bay.  This is why the beach bar located there is called the Soggy Dollar.

jvd bar

Because its patrons generally swim in from their anchored boats, and thus the money in their pockets is plenty soggy.

jvd soggy dollar

I had the most delicious mango rum drink there (OK, well, maybe I had more than one, but who’s counting?).  I’m pretty sure it was the atmosphere that did it, but I’ve never had another drink that could compare.

According to Wikipedia, Jost van Dyke has a population of 298 people and is only about 3 square miles.  The island didn’t have electricity until 1989.  If you are looking for a vacation destination with lots of stuff to do and sights to see, this is not the place for you.

But if you are looking for a gorgeous beach where you can kick back, drink rum punch and forget about the world for a while it’s perfect.

jvd beach

I hope I can get back there again some day, and next time I definitely want to stay longer!

jvd in sand

9 thoughts on “throwback thursday no. 10

  1. Brought back wonderful memories…..lived in the BVI on Peter Island for 7 years. Know the Soggy Dollar very well.


      1. It was a wonderful time of my life……running a 5 star hotel, sun, sand & meeting incredible people. Glad you had a fantastic trip.


  2. Seriously you swim to beach/bar there’s one I can honestly say I’ve never heard of. I would have to agree it looks like paradise. I might have to choose this over the Funiculair -😉


  3. I like how you make every adventure sound very appealing, be it local or afar. This looks like the beach in my mid-February dreams when the Minnesota snow and cold feels like it will never end!


  4. In 2011 we spent 10 days on a sailboat in the BVI’s. White Bay beach was one of our highlights and we actually moored there for two days. The beach was sprinkled with a jumble of bars and shops. We found the famous Soggy Dollar and Gertrude’s funky One Love were hot spots for a delicious Pain Killer!


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