coffee, tea or … oatmeal?

I didn’t find time to pull together a throwback thursday post for today, but someone might see these canisters as a throwback.  Yeah, it’s kinda a stretch, but it’s all I got today.

Every once in a while a couple of co-workers and I head out at lunch time looking for garage sales.

I never come back with a huge haul, but I usually find one of two fun things.  Last week I found this set of vintage canisters.

vintage canisters

Aren’t they pretty?  They sort of have an art deco vibe I think.


They aren’t in the greatest of shape.  Some of the lids are chipped and/or cracked.

canister tops

And of course these old lids don’t seal tightly like modern lids, so these aren’t really practical for their originally intended use.  However, you could keep Kuerig k-cups inside, or packets of sugar.  You certainly could store tea bags in them.

Wouldn’t they be fun in a craft room holding supplies too?

canisters 2

Looks like these were made in Czechoslovakia before it became the Czech Republic instead.

canister mark

These will likely make their way into my fall Carriage House sale where they will hopefully be snatched up by some lucky shopper!


10 thoughts on “coffee, tea or … oatmeal?

  1. Really pretty colors on those. They would make a great addition to any kitchen. Maybe with potted herbs. A great find.


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