franconia sculpture park.

For my sister’s birthday last Sunday she wanted to go out for brunch and then head up to the Franconia Sculpture Park.  It was a beautiful sunny day, so Debbie, my niece Kris, Mr. Q and I hopped in the car and drove up along the St. Croix River to just this side of Taylor’s Falls.

sp sign

What I think is really awesome about this place is the size.  It’s kind of in the middle of nowhere and they have 43 acres, so plenty of room for really BIG art.

I thought this photo might give you an idea of the scale of the place once I pointed out the human.

sp scale 2

The artists here have the opportunity to work on pieces with some majestic presence.

sp blue towers

sp train

sp floating house

sp giant circle

This egg with antlers in a Viking ship cracks me up (pardon the pun).

sp viking egg boat

Unlike a stuffy, fussy museum, here you are allowed to get up close to the art.  You can touch it or interact with it.  Although they do ask you not to climb on the pieces, for safety reasons.  I enjoyed this flip chart of graffiti.

sp flip chart

I have to say that there were several pieces that really spoke to me, such as this next one.  Who doesn’t love a mishmash of metal letters?

sp letters

All of these colorful boxes with mirrors in them drew me in.

sp mirrors

And I decided all of those mirrors presented the perfect opportunity for a group ‘selfie’ of sorts.

sp group photo

All four of us are in there, it’s just hard to find us.  I’m the one holding a camera.

Kris had fun picking out all of the various boomboxes that she had owned.

sp boomboxes

Doesn’t this look like a comfy spot for TV viewing?

sp furniture

Don’t be fooled, although even up close these looked like the real thing, they were really made out of concrete (or something like that).

To learn more about Franconia Sculpture Park, check out their website {here}.

Meanwhile I took yesterday off work at the day job to organize my workshop out in the Carriage House.  I’m also planning to hit the neighborhood sales this weekend.  Plus my mom is in town for a visit.  So there’s lots on the calendar, but hopefully I can get some furniture painted too.  Stay tuned!

6 thoughts on “franconia sculpture park.

  1. There are so many atractions in your neck of the woods. I have never seen anything like that park single structures yes but not a gathering of pieces. The imagination has no limited. Sounds like you have a packed weekend ahead of you.


    1. I have a very packed schedule. Today I am headed to the Tangletown neighborhood in Minneapolis for their neighborhood garage sales. {Here’s} a fun article about Tangletown, check it out!


  2. I love Franconia! It is so great that they are interactive, and always changing! Fun birthday outing 🙂


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