a chippy dresser and a clean floor.

I mentioned a little bit ago that it has been nice enough to be back out in the photo cottage already this year.  When I said that, what I meant specifically was that I could be out there taking photos without freezing my face off.  But it wasn’t quite warm enough that I wanted to be out there scrubbing away the winter grime.  Until last week (before we had another cold snap) when I came home from work one evening and it was 62 degrees outside.  So I decided there was no time like the present to head out there with my bucket of water and my scrub brush.  And now I have a fresh clean floor.  I was so happy with it, that I tried to include a bunch of floor space in today’s photos.

chippy dresser 2

All this talk of a clean floor is meant to distract you from noticing that I don’t have a ‘before’ photo of this dresser.


I thought I had taken one, but if I did it is lost in the sea of 100’s of photos that I take every week (thus the urge to organize my photos that I mentioned yesterday).  This dresser has been patiently awaiting its turn to be made over, so it is possible that I took one some time ago and I just can’t find it!

Oh well, moving on …

I went with MMS milk paint on this one because I had a feeling it would get chippy, and indeed it did.

robins egg close up

I mixed some French Enamel and some Lucketts Green together to make this color.  I’ll be honest, I was expecting a much lighter color based on seeing what was said to be this same combination on a piece on pinterest.  This is a good reminder to everyone that colors in photos often don’t translate to how they look in real life.

This photos of this dresser are a really good example of that.  I think the dresser looks a bit more blue in the photos than it really is.  If you are proficient in MMS milk paint colors, this color is a bit lighter and a tad warmer than Kitchen Scale.

chippy dresser 3

This dresser has the prettiest drawer pulls on the lower three drawers.

chippy closeup 2

By the way, I did strip the top and then wax it with Cece Caldwell’s Aging Cream.

My vintage gardening books were the perfect color to use for staging.

chippy dresser staging 1

And I threw in one of those sweet hand sewn baby dresses that I keep just for staging furniture.

chippy dresser corner

This lovely dresser is for sale.  If interested, please feel free to leave a comment requesting the details or email me at qisforquandie@gmail.com.

garden questions


17 thoughts on “a chippy dresser and a clean floor.

    1. I didn’t talk much about the repairs we did on this one, but it was somewhat wobbly when I got it. Ken helped me shore it up, and we also realized that one of the original wooden casters was pretty worn down, which made the dresser a little lopsided. Luckily I had a set of 4 old metal casters that fit in the same holes, so I changed them all out.


  1. Oh how I’d looooove to have a photo cottage! Yours is so pretty! Your dresser looks so pretty in there! I love how you finished and staged it! Well done! I hope you have a warm weekend!
    The Curator’s Collection & Making Broken Beautiful (Thursdays)


    1. The photo cottage was one of the best ideas I’ve ever had! I do love it. I don’t think a warm weekend is in the cards for me. Today we are expecting scattered snow showers and wind. Gack! I’m trying to wait patiently for spring. Maybe next week 😉


  2. I love the color ! I can not wait to try out the milk paint I bought a few weeks ago. The weather in North East Ohio has been very unstable. Today we expect a winter storm 😩 Can’t wait for beautiful springs days with lots of sun so I can start working on some protects outside. Thanks for sharing !


  3. Another gorgeous dresser…and you have the stagiang down to a science! When out garage saling this year, I will keep my eye out old books in good colors! They sure look nice with the milkpainted items. Have a great weekend!


    1. So funny, I just stopped at a garage sale today at lunch. Yes, you read that right, today. The snow took them by surprise and they were busy wiping it off everything in the driveway when I got there. But I did pick up three vintage books, two blue and one green.


  4. Hi Linda, I am in a quandary, I am trying to strip the top of a desk to try to make it lighter but still keep the wood grain. You make it look so simple but now I think I’ve made a big mistake. It looks just as dark when it’s wet after the varnish is off. Is it the type of wood and can I apply a lighter stain that will actually look lighter or will the type of wood always keep it looking dark. I really didn’t want to paint the top. Can I send you a picture for suggestions on what color/s you would paint the bottom. I was thinking greens in MMS.

    Thanks, Sheila

    On Fri, Apr 8, 2016 at 9:04 AM, q is for quandie. wrote:

    > Quandie posted: “I mentioned a little bit ago that it has been nice enough > to be back out in the photo cottage already this year. When I said that, > what I meant specifically was that I could be out there taking photos > without freezing my face off. But it wasn’t quite wa” >


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