a garden chair.

The fun continues with the freebies from my friend Terri’s uncle.  Today we have a sweet little garden chair.

garden chair 1

It didn’t start out as a sweet little garden chair though.

garden chair before

This poor thing was a little rough for the wear.  I suspect it was used in the garage as a workshop chair.  It had lots of oily looking stains.

garden chair seat before

Take a look at how dark those two front legs are.  They appeared to be almost saturated with some sort of oil.  Or maybe it’s just really greasy dirt.  I scrubbed the chair good with some TSP substitute (which is a de-greaser), and then I decided to just go for it.  Either I’d paint it and the paint would just all bubble off, or it would stick.  I was willing to take a chance on it sticking.  After all, the chair was a freebie.  It likely would have ended up in the trash if I didn’t take it.

I pulled out the second sample color of Shabby Chic paint I received from Bungalow 47, Green Fields, which is a lovely pale, pale green.  I painted it on straight from the can without watering it down.  I somehow felt like I’d need a good thick coat of paint to cover this thing.

I was super impressed when two coats did the trick.

garden chair close up

Even on those legs!

garden chair leg

I was worried that those greasy stains would bleed through the paint, but I only had trouble with that in one spot on the seat.  If you were being very particular about your finish, this wouldn’t be good enough (in which case I would have used the Shabby Chic Clear Primer first) …

garden chair stain

But since I was going for a distressed look on this chair, I decided it was OK to leave that as is.  I specifically choose not to use the Shabby Chic Clear Coat this time around because I didn’t want to draw any more of those stains through the paint.  Instead I waxed this with Miss Mustard Seed furniture wax.

garden chair distressed

I could have gone without a top coat of any kind, but when I am distressing heavily like this I prefer to use a wax.  The wax darkens up those bare wood edges and makes them look more ‘believable’, like they have worn away over time, not just been freshly sanded.

Did you notice that I applied some rub-on numbers to my chair?

garden chair books

I like the touch of whimsy that they add.

garden chair full

In the end, this chair is rather wobbly and most people would feel a bit insecure sitting on it.  It will have to be more for looks rather than function.  But I think it would be darling as a bedside perch for books.  Or use it in your potting shed to hold a stack of clay pots.  If you are local, this chair went to Reclaiming Beautiful last week!

10 thoughts on “a garden chair.

  1. Very nice Q. I love this type of chair and always
    appreciate the how to tips you generously
    share. Love that green watering can too – is that an
    original green paint?


    1. Thanks Victoria! I am not sure about that watering can. I purchased it this way, so I didn’t paint it myself. But it’s hard to tell if it was originally painted or not. If not, whoever painted it did a very good job of it.


  2. I received my “sticks” yesterday along with my wonderful surprises! I even love the map that you wrapped the sticks in! Thanks so much!


  3. Hah, that chair actually WAS in the dumpster, but I spotted it and pulled it out…and received several comments from the guys about pulling junk out of the dumpster instead of into the dumpster. They obviously don’t know miracle worker Quandie. The chair is just too cute! Love it’s new color and its new position in life.


  4. Perfect color for this sweet little garden chair! The number detail really finishes it off! It really is toooooo cute! Well done. I have two similar but with caning and I may just have to consider making them over in this soft color! Have a great week!
    The Curator’s Collection & Making Broken Beautiful (Thursdays)


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