who me? a collector?

I always try to tell people that I’m not a collector.  I don’t really collect anything in particular.  I don’t like a lot of clutter.  And all of that is totally bogus.  I am clearly in denial.

tree toppers

 As I sit here typing this post I can look at the cupboard next to me and see my collection of vintage silver salt & pepper shakers, behind me is my collection of tiny dressers.  And right next to that is the tree that contains my vintage Christmas ornament collection.

tree 1

I’ve been hoarding collecting vintage glass ornaments for many years now.

vintage ornaments

Long enough that I have been able to refine my collection to mostly pinks and aquas (oops, that’s kind of bogus too, the silver and gold ones are just in the dining room).  I really love the hand painted versions.  They are so charming with their little painted flowers and flourishes.

vintage Christmas ornaments

I have a couple of strategies for adding to my collection each year.  First and foremost, I visit a little second hand shop called La Garage in North St. Paul.  This shop is like a garage sale in a store.  I believe they get most of their inventory from estate clean ups.  Each year they close up for the week preceding Thanksgiving and they completely revamp the store for Christmas.  They open back up on Black Friday with tons of ‘previously loved’ Christmas decorations.  I’m always able to find quite a few vintage lovelies on their trees.

ornaments 3

I don’t do much shopping in antique shops anymore, but I will make an exception for this collection.  I can find ornaments a few dollars each, which is a pretty affordable splurge.

ornaments 4

In the case of my ornaments, I even have a sub-collection.  Vintage glass Christmas tree toppers.  A couple of you noticed these in the background when I posted about the sweet little mini dresser on Monday.

vintage Christmas tree toppers

I was able to add that tall silver one to my collection this year.  I found it at an antique shop for $15.  A splurge for me, but worth it I think.  Isn’t it gorgeous?  Prior to this acquisition, obviously the little aqua and silver one was my favorite.  Now it has competition for the top spot.

In case you are wondering, those tree toppers are not just precariously balanced on that window ledge.  I have added a little Stick Um Candle Adhesive to the bottom of each one so it is securely held in place.

This year my silver tree is in the Q Branch.

ornaments 5

If you look really closely, you can see a bunch of little reflections of me with my tripod taking these photos in the ornaments.  Ha!  Thank goodness it’s blurry because I’m pretty sure I was wearing paint splattered clothes and I hadn’t put on any makeup.

aqua reflection

Come back next week for a full tour of my house all decked out for Christmas!

Merry Christmas ornament

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21 thoughts on “who me? a collector?

  1. Oh my goodness what treasures! Collections just add tons of personality to a home don’t you think? Love your stash the bulbs are so delicate and the colors soft and faded truly inspires me. Actually it makes me want to start a vintage bulb collection of my own. Looking forward to the tour!!!


  2. I have 4 beautiful glass ornaments that were my grandmothers and she died 58 years ago. I had 6 but two fell off the tree years ago and broke. Their so delicate..



    1. They are quite fragile. I always manage to break a couple every year. That’s why I have to keep collecting more (at least that’s what I tell myself). And by the way, happy birthday Joyce!


  3. Love your vintage ornaments. I think it would be tough to hang those tree toppers off your ears at a party though. Looking forward to seeingthe whole house decorated! Will be nice to have your sister, niece and Mom with you this year!


  4. Absolute heaven! I started collecting old glass ornaments in the early 80s and my tree fell over and broke a large amount of them. Broke my heart but that’s not stopped the hoarding. I can hardly wait to see the rest of the decorating.


  5. Looking forward to your home tour. I use vintage ornaments on one of my trees just like my Mom does and now my daughter has started her own collection. Some traditions just need to continue.


    1. To be totally honest, I keep looking at them and thinking maybe I should take them down. Just in case the wax doesn’t hold. So I might be obsessing about them a little myself. So far so good though.


  6. Love the ornaments – reminds me of how we decorated when I was a kid. I have some that belonged to my mother that are very similar to yours. Great choice!


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