when all else fails.

As you all probably know by now I love vintage stuff.  But oftentimes I’ll pick something up just because I’m drawn to it, but I’ll have no idea what I’m going to do with it.  So, I have a little trick up my sleeve and it’s this …

when all else fails, hang it on the wall

wall books

I really am not all that good at figuring out how to decorate my walls.  At least not in a traditional sense.  I don’t have any fabulous art hanging anywhere.  Instead, I hang quirky vintage items.

For example, I purchased this fabulous toy hand truck (dolly) at Junk Bonanza.  I loved the patina of the red metal, and the very worn black wheels.  It was a splurge for me, but you know how I love my toy sized stuff!  This little dolly is about 2 1/2 feet tall.  After wandering around my house with it for several weeks wondering where to put it, I finally remembered … when all else fails, hang it on the wall!  It makes a clever little shelf for my dad’s old Tarzan books.

wall hand truck

This old swing set seat that I purchased a while back makes a great magnet board when it’s hung on the wall.

wall swing set seat

I purchased this vintage India game board many years ago on eBay.  Hanging old games boards on the wall is a great way to admire their charm on a daily basis.  I used the 3M Command large picture hanging strips to hang the game board, the box lid and even the little number spinner.

wall games

Another favorite of mine is to turn child sized vintage folding chairs into chalkboards to hang on the wall.  This one hangs in my kitchen.

wall chair

As a furniture painter, I sometimes have parts left over from furniture that I upcycle like old mirror frames.  This frame was one of the very first things I ever painted in Miss Mustard Seed milk paint.  It was left over from a dresser and I decided to use it as practice.  I painted it in Artissimo first, but many months later I added a coat of Kitchen Scale.  Now it hangs over my sofa with a map of Paris tacked to the wall inside it.

wall mirror frame

Small kid sized chairs are also perfect for hanging on the wall.

blue chair on the wall

And painted shoe trees can be hung on the wall as well.

shoe tree upcycled

Even old metal boxes can be hung on the wall.

apothicaire cabinet

So tell me, do you have something unique hanging on your walls?  If not, I challenge you to give it a try!

19 thoughts on “when all else fails.

  1. I love things hanging on the walls in my home; they make the home feel balanced and complete. Good art is great but I have always gravitated toward hanging unconventional things. Being a penniless college student years ago forced me to be creative as a decorator. The habit stuck and it is so much fun to be inspired by Junk Bonanza, other restyling shops in the metro, and now YOU! I love how you used the mirror frame, the dolly and the child’s chair. Good ideas to combine new finds with old treasures from around the house. Your perfect little vignettes elevate stuff from
    Clutter to Art.


  2. Kim above pretty much took the words right out of my mouth. Quirky is the perfect way to describe some of your “art” but it is just sensational. I prefer spaces where you get to enjoy the discovery of well placed items. Rooms you walk into and instantly feel something cozy, relaxed, welcomed. One of my favorite posts ever Q! I love the hand trolley shelf, the towel bar/chair in the kitchen, the game board/box/spinner wonderful as art and the shoe forms too. It’s all pretty clever stuff. Keep rolling it out girl!


  3. Absolutely ♥ every single piece you have put on your walls. You have an awesome style and I ♥ all the pieces you find, never stop doing what you are doing – you are an inspiration.


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