eye candy.

If you are local (Twin Cities, MN), I hope you are planning to get yourself some eye candy today!

eye candy black and white

I’ve been busy setting up my corner and I have lots of goodies there.

eye candy 2

Take a scenic drive down highway 61, just across the river into historic Hastings!  Oh darling, be an adventurer!

eye candy 4

I finished setting my area up on Friday evening, but Eye Candy has had it taped off until the grand unveiling today!

caution tape

Did you catch the giant Q on top of the hutch?  Isn’t it awesome!

17 thoughts on “eye candy.

  1. Oh congratulations, Q, it looks awesome! I wish I was local, I’d totally be there. I hope you will share some more pictures of your space, and wish you the best with the sale!!


  2. Simply fabulous grand opening….gorgeous goods, lots of great conversation. Brought home a few goodies too! Congrats on your latest venture!


  3. It was fun. Lots of wine flowing, good tasting hot dogs and some great music. And of course lots of nice things to browse over and buy in Eye Candy.


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