lunchtime junkin’

First of all, just wanted to say thanks to everyone who showed up for the Eye Candy opening yesterday.  It was a gorgeous day, the wine kept flowing, the band was awesome and the shop is really darling.  And another big thanks to those of you who supported me in spirit even though you live too far away to show up in person!

Meanwhile, last week one of my regular sale customers emailed me at work to let me know about an estate sale taking place not far from my office.  Close enough for a lunchtime jaunt anyway.  So I invited my co-worker Cathy to join me and we hopped in the convertible and headed over.  I drive a baby blue convertible VW bug, by the way.  Not totally conducive to bringing home furniture, but if conditions are right and the top can be down, you’d be surprised what I can fit in there.

In this case, it was a gloriously sunny day.  Perfect convertible weather.  So off we went.

And I came back with this …

lunchtime junk

This was another dirty, junky sale.  No dirty Balls (jars, that is) this time though.

What I did find that really made me happy was a pile of crusty old paint brushes.  And actually, they weren’t in a pile, they were scattered about.  It was a lot like an Easter egg hunt.  Here’s one!  Oh, and here’s another one over here!  Here’s a big one!  And here’s a yellow one!

crusty brushes 1

crusty brushes 2

I have a plan for these crusty brushes, you’ll just have to wait and see.

In addition to the paint brushes, there were a couple of shop brushes (at least that’s what I call them) that I couldn’t resist.

shop brush

Am I nuts for thinking these are kind of cool?  I have a plan in my head for these too, so we’ll see how they turn out.

I bought the green ammo box strictly because of its color.

green box

I mean seriously, wouldn’t you have too?  The bottom was partially rotted away though, I’ve already had Ken make a new bottom using some old wood I had.  Personally, my goal is to make my vintage pieces functional.  So in this case, I wanted the box to provide storage for someone.

I originally planned to paint both of the toolboxes.

lunchtime tool box

But this one has a rather nice patina except for that darn swath of white spray paint down the right side.  So I decided to try sanding that down.  It helped tone it down a bit.  I added a couple of stencils, and I think it turned out rather fab.

stenciled toolbox

stenciled toolbox 2

This was a fun sale to dig around in.  There was so much stuff!  Unfortunately, we had a limited amount of time.  I’m sure if I’d kept digging I could have found more diamonds in the rough.  Although I was out of cash in addition to time.  So we piled everything into the bug and headed back to work.

Another lunch hour well spent!  Thanks for the heads up on this one Jenny!


20 thoughts on “lunchtime junkin’

  1. Love what you did with the metal box and I am interested to see what you do with the brushes. Skip.

    Sent from my iPhone



  2. You found your brushes! I’ve had my eye out for you and hadn’t come across any yet. Love your lunchtime finds and the set-up at Eye Candy looked superb!


  3. Oh you found some real goodies. That ammo box is just your color! Lunch time junkin’ sounds like a good reason to go to work! 🙂 Looking forward to seeing what you do with those brushes, too!


  4. My sister had a green amo box at one time. I believe she sold it at the shop we were in. Maybe yours is the same one. You do find the most wonderful things!
    . I


    1. Sometimes I whine about that fact that there are no good restaurants near my work (our City Hall is in a residential area), but the benefit is that I can easily get to some great garage sales over my lunch hour!


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