sue’s stuff.

A while back I promised to share a settee that my friend and Carriage House co-host, Sue, made over, and here it is.

sue's settee 1

Sue and her husband came by last night with all of her larger pieces for the sale.  If I had been thinking clearly, I would have gotten pictures of all of them before it got dark, but I missed the boat on that.

But I did get a few shots of the settee.

sue's settee 2

Don’t you just love that Cafe Paris fabric on the back?

sue's settee 5

The detail on this piece is amazing.

sue's settee 3

If you remember the tour I gave of Sue’s home last summer, you’ll remember that she is a big fan of white.  This is the buffet in her dining room.

dining buffet

So it was no surprise when she and her husband pulled up with a truck full of mostly white furniture (there was a little grey thrown in too).  It makes for a perfect combination with my somewhat more colorful pieces.

If you know me at all, then you will know I had to wipe away a little drool when I saw this little baby coming off the truck.

sue's cupboard 2

I really wanted to just walk this one straight in my front door.

sue's cupboard 3

This little darling is only about 33″ tall.  How cute would it be sitting on the counter top in a kitchen, or on top of a low dresser?

Did you notice the fab detail of that curved drawer?

sue's cupboard 4

You could also use it in a craft room and fill it up with crafting supplies.  Or hang it on the wall in your bathroom and fill it with toiletries.

I staged it with another little set of play china.

sue's cupboard 1

Both of these fabulous white pieces will be at the Carriage House sale, along with a few more.

Hope you can swing by and see them in person!

4 thoughts on “sue’s stuff.

  1. I want that little beauty of a cabinet so bad! Not a place in my house for it, but would snap it up in a minute if I were closer! Best wishes for a great sale !


  2. I really like that Café Paris stencil. I love how you can see between tne slats on the backwall if the little kids cabinet. It is very cute.


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