a little slice of lemon.

Before I get to the lemon slice, if you haven’t already seen it, the winner of the Fusion giveaway was Lucy Auburn.  Congrats to Lucy!

I visited my favorite spot (Country Sun Farm in Lake Elmo) for buying my annuals last week and was really excited to find the Lemon Slice million bells.

Lemon Slice

I’d been admiring them in other people’s planters for the last couple of years, but hadn’t found them for my own.  Aren’t they fab?  I’m not usually a fan of yellow flowers, but these are so doggone charming they almost look fake.  So, I bought a bunch of them!  And while I was at it, I bought a bunch of other stuff too!

a little slice of lemon

I filled up my galvanized boiler window boxes.

boiler planter

And my rusty toolbox planter (see, I told you I don’t mind a little rust!)

rusty toolbox planter

While I was out planting, I took a moment to admire my May hosta.

May hosta

The color on this hosta is truly this vibrant.  It just glows.  It’s always so beautiful and pristine in the spring before it gets clobbered by hail or munched on by slugs, maybe that is why it’s called May.  If you are looking for a brilliant chartreuse hosta, I highly recommend it.  Here’s a hosta tip for you.  Even though hostas grow in the shade, you won’t get the most vibrant colors on them in full shade.  Those with more yellow tones will be brighter with a little sun.  This one is in a fairly sunny spot.  Blue toned hostas will do better in shade.

There are lots of things blooming in my May garden.  The bleeding heart is in full bloom.  This is a variety with chartreuse leaves called Gold Heart.  I have a lot of shade in my gardens and I love using bright chartreuse plants because they really pop out of the shadows.

bleeding heart

The foam flower is looking good.  This is also an amazing choice for the shade.  It blooms for quite a while, and even once it’s done blooming it is a pretty plant.

foam flower

I even still have some tulips blooming.  We’ve had cool weather lately and the tulips last forever when it stays cool.


And speaking of cool, last night we had temps forecast in the mid to upper 30’s.  I thought winter was over!  I had all of my new annuals, including my Lemon Slice million bells covered with sheets, I hope they made it!

8 thoughts on “a little slice of lemon.

  1. I have never seen lemon slice flowers before. They are so pretty. My neighbor has peppermint striped petunias in her baskets hanging on her porch so now between the two of you I think I need a striped flower of some kind. Love the boiler and toolbox as planters too.


  2. The galvanized boiler window-box is a great way to continue your style to the outside of your home. The number detail draws the eye and makes the simple boiler look “finished.” Love the look!


  3. I have seen the peppermint stripe but not the lemon slice million bells. I have been searching for the “Heartbreaker” variety they are a violet color rimmed with chartreuse. Wonderful planters you have put together. I love the variety of interesting planters like the boiler window boxes. Hope the cold last night did not bite anything.


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