linden hills, 2015.

Last Saturday was the Linden Hills neighborhood sale in Minneapolis, one of my favorites!  And this year I had my sister riding shotgun.

Linden Hills 2015

It was fun to get her fresh perspective on the neighborhood sale concept.  She said it reminded her of Halloween.  Lots of people walking around, many of them carrying bags.  Not filled with candy, but filled with treasures.  Everyone in a festive and friendly mood.

Linden Hills scale

The atlas jar belongs to my sister.  She wants to have a collection of vintage jars on display in her kitchen (I think I’m rubbing off on her, just a little).  I’m not sure about the fate of the postal scale just yet.  I may keep it for future photo shoots.

Linden Hills find of the day

I’m considering this sweet little vintage set of play china to be my find of the day.  I almost passed it by, but then I realized that it will be the perfect prop for an upcoming photo shoot (just wait until you see it!), and then it will make it’s way into the Carriage House sale.  Aren’t those little windmills just fab?

You can also see just the corner of a metal New York souvenir box (at least that is what I’m calling it).  I found another one of these years ago at a garage sale and I’ve been using it to store photos ever since.  I’m not sure what these originally contained, but they have drawings of places of interest in New York City on them.  Here is a better photo so you can see the details.

Linden Hills NY box

And I’m sure it didn’t go unnoticed that I found a gorgeous buffet.  It has some veneer issues.  In addition, it’s obvious that someone already completely removed the veneer from the lower drawer because the wood doesn’t match.

Linden Hills buffet

It also came with the most hideous replacement knobs.  Those will definitely be replaced.  But it was a bargain, and also our first purchase of the day.  If you want to find pieces like this at garage sales, you’d better get there right at opening time.

The Eiffel tower clock is another of my sister’s finds.  She’ll be using it in her new kitchen, which is going to have a ‘French Market’ theme.

Linden Hills paint

Finally, you might also have noticed the stack of Fusion paint.  No, I didn’t get that at a garage sale.  After the sale, Debbie and I headed out to Farmhouse Inspired in Hudson so we could stock up on Fusion.  There are a few colors I’ve been wanting to try, the Inglenook, the Buttermilk Cream and the Ash.  My sister chose the Liberty Blue for a project we are working on together, I’m using the Soapstone (you’ll see more about that soon).  So stay tuned!

15 thoughts on “linden hills, 2015.

    1. We had fun looking at all of the Fusion colors in your shop. We signed up for your ‘addicted to paint’ club and we’ll definitely be back for more.


  1. Score on the buffet cannot wait to see that transformation. Love the teaset too, with the windmills, it’s just charming. I look forward to viewing your vignettes as much as the fortunate pieces you resurrect.


  2. I am coveting your sister’s Eiffel Tower clock. I am redoing my kitchen to resemble a French apartment kitchen. (mixture of cabinets and surfaces). Can’t wait until I am at the accessorizing stage. Great finds. Look forward to seeing the finished buffet.


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