a stencil and a pencil.

Remember my experiment with the Martha Stewart Erasable Liquid chalk?

chalk board 1

Yeah, not pretty.

And a while after I posted it, I got a comment from Brenda who said she had tried the product too, and when she tried to ‘erase’ it, she couldn’t get it off.  Yikes!  At the time, mine had been painted for about a month and I had not yet tried to erase it.  So I grabbed a damp paper towel and gave it a go.  She was right, it wouldn’t budge!  Then I remembered that I had read somewhere that using a magic eraser would do the trick.  Sure enough, it did.  So, if you have tried this product and want to remove it down the road, remember your magic eraser!

Since my Family and Friends stencil fit this chalkboard so perfectly, I still wanted to use it.  But this time I reverted to my tried and true Gioconda chalk pencil.

chalk pencil

Mr. Q ordered mine from Amazon, but I think you can find these (or similar) at Michaels these days.

It took a little bit longer to fill in the entire stencil with the pencil, but it was worth it.

a stencil and a pencil

I used three different techniques for this.  The big letters at the top were outlined first with the pencil, then I added diagonal hash marks to fill them in.

stencil pencil close up

With the next two lines of smaller print, I just used the sharp point of the pencil to fill in as best I could.  I went back after the stencil was removed and added some of the smaller lines that didn’t come through.

For the crown, I used the pencil to outline it, then shaded it in.

chalk stencil

And for the branches at the bottom, I outlined them but did not shade them in.

And voila.  Much, much better, don’t you think?

stencil and pencil

Now that the weather is nice enough for working in my Carriage House workshop, and with my sale coming up in June, I’m really cranking out the projects.  So you may notice that I am posting more than usual.  I hope you don’t mind when I share so these with you.  I like to think there is some value in these posts aside from just a pitch for items that will be at my sale.  And for those of you that are local, I hope I’m enticing you to show up on June 11!

9 thoughts on “a stencil and a pencil.

  1. Good to know info about the chalk pencils – will pass this on to my daughter in Charleston who recently installed a chalkboard in her new home.


  2. The chalkboard looks great. Great tips. I love all the posts about your projects. Post away. I just hate that I live so far away and can’t come to your sale. Thanks for all your inspiration, your things are beautiful.


    1. It seems like every time I pop into Michaels they have a new implement for writing on a chalk board. I’m probably terribly old school for going with the pencil. But, it rhymes nicely with stencil, so it has that going for it!


  3. Oh I like this look so much better than with the chalk pen! I will keep an eye out for this, the look is so much cleaner and really lets those beautiful details shine. I, for one, love all of your posts. And as much as I would love to come to your sale, Minnesota is a bit of a haul for me, so I will take as much in electronically as I can!


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