sail the seven seas.

Remember the lovely tall dresser I picked up a while back and took its photo in the snow?

riverside dresser before

I pulled it out of storage for its makeover last weekend.  The shape of this dresser says ‘gentlemen’s chest’ to me.  Usually the taller dresser in a set was meant for the gent (sorry, couldn’t resist that bad rhyme).  I could easily have gone more feminine on this piece though, with those pretty curvy legs at the bottom.  But I was feeling the masculinity of this piece and went with MMS milk paint in Artissimo, which is a rich navy blue (finished with Cece Caldwell’s clear wax, which has rapidly become my favorite wax to work with).  I stripped the top and then just waxed it with the Cece Caldwell’s dark wax.

Dresser painted in MMS Artissimo milk paint

After adding a vintage suitcase and my dad’s old Tarzan books, I was getting the feeling that this dresser had a sense of adventure.

seven seas leg and suitcase

artissimo staging

Then I added some old sheet music inside the upper drawer.

seven seas sheetmusic

And now this dresser is ready to sail the seven seas!

artissimo dresser side view

How about you, are you ready for some adventure?

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27 thoughts on “sail the seven seas.

  1. Oh you know I love this. Such a rich and beautiful color, and I love the masculine nod. The suitcase and aged books are perfect additions. Have you added any of the colors from the new MMS European line to your collection?


    1. I get my paint at the Round Barn, and so far all she has is the Layla’s Mint, so I bought some of that. I’d really like to try the Schloss, and in fact I am working on a piece today that would be perfect in Schloss. I think I’m going to mix up some Trophy and Ironstone to try and get that same shade of grey.


    1. Well, it probably looks prettier in the ‘before’ photo than it looked in real life. There were chunks of veneer missing, you can see a big one just below the 2nd drawer down, on the left side. Plus, the drawer pulls had been spun around so many times that there were permanent circular grooves in the veneer around each drawer pull. Usually a dresser with veneer problems makes a better candidate for painting than for stripping and re-varnishing. However, the veneer on the top was in great shape and it looks beautiful just stripped and waxed. But I totally get it, in its day this dresser was probably very beautiful without paint. I’m sure there are others out there who would have preferred to see it stay that way 😉


  2. Yep, I really like that color. Officially on my staycation now. Will probably be boring except for working on the cruise photos some more.


  3. Looks fab…as usual! So glad you commented about the wax! I’m painting in the house during winter and used your idea of mixing Johnson’s Wax and Briwax the other day. The cats and I got the munchies from the fumes! I knew better, but it was what I had on hand. All the ‘official’ waxes are sooooo expensive and I haven’t loved all the ones I’ve tried. Thanks for sharing your experience and wisdom!!
    PS – I got my “Missouri” card, thanks again!


    1. You’re welcome. Yeah, I used the Johnson’s indoors once, and it was pretty nasty. I’m still a fan of it in the summer though when I can wax outside. Although I have to say, since I do so many pieces, I’m beginning to think that I am better off using the less toxic stuff year round. It costs more, sure, but you can’t put a price on staying healthy, right? Have you tried the hemp oil? That isn’t as expensive as the wax, and it is all natural. I like to use that one indoors as well.


  4. Hello Q! Love this latest offering…what an awesome blue!

    Thanks also for sharing the fun VA and CO state cards with me! They are so neat and will really make my little moving scrapbook special! What a fun mail day….there were not even any bills!

    A big fan! Vicki Bougie



    1. You’re welcome Vicki! Those cards will be fab in your scrapbook! Their color works great with all of the October Afternoon lines (don’t know if you are a fan of their stuff or not).


  5. So I’ve used Annie Sloan wax which I’m the oddball that likes it. I like MMS wax over her paint though I’m not sure of the long term durability. What is different with Cece Caldwell?


    1. The best way I can describe it is to say it is softer and thus goes on easier. You can do a thinner coat (which they recommend) and it is easier to spread. It just takes less elbow grease, and I am all about that. I’m not an expert on Cece Caldwell products, and I get easily confused because she has the Clear Wax and she has something called Waxing Cream. Her Waxing Cream reminds me more of the Miss Mustard Seed wax with that same heavier consistency. The Clear Wax is the one that I used. If you’ve ever used Johnson’s Paste Wax, the Clear Wax reminds me a little more of that consistency (without that awful smell of the Johnson’s). I’m not sure how the long term durability compares on any of these products though.


      1. And P.S., I should add that I find waxing to be the only tedious part of the entire process, so anything that makes that part easier really appeals to me.


  6. Hi Linda, Received my state cards today. I just love them. I have them displaced on a shelf being held up by an old flower frog. Love this dresser and artissimo, one of my personal favorite colors.


    1. I’m glad you love the cards! I was happy to share them. I always enjoy working with Artissimo, but I do find it a little hard to photograph. The color is so much nicer in person.


  7. I Love Navy Blue! You did it perfectly! I’m a believer in leaving wood wood, but when chunks of veneer are missing, it’s fair game. It went from something a little sad to something beautiful!


    1. Thanks Kathy! After taking a peek at your blog, I can see that you are better with wood than I am. I’m working on those skills though, and leaving more wood alone these days when it’s in good shape. I love what you did with your washstand!


    1. Thanks Denise! And can I say, I popped over to your blog and I just love your vintage suitcase sign. I’ve done a few of those myself, but I absolutely love yours!


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