c’est magnifique!

Remember the really gorgeous bedroom set I picked up a while back?  I have been working on a custom paint job with a client on the dresser (and she is also purchasing the bed).  I have to say that coming up with a plan for the dresser was very much a collaborative effort.  We started out in a completely different direction, but once my client shared her vision for the entire room (this dresser is going to be part of a full makeover of her master bedroom) we were able to pull together a look that will work in the room.  One of the major considerations was another piece that she has, a gold antique french curio cabinet.  Something similar to this (although this is not her exact piece) …

french gold curio

I knew that she wanted a french look for the dresser, but once I saw this piece I realized she wanted what I consider a ‘Louis the XIV’ sort of french look.  We had originally talked about using black on the dresser, or possibly even a grey.  But I really couldn’t picture either of those colors working well with the gold piece.  The gold curio is clearly a statement piece and should be the standout in the room, but the dresser will also have a big presence.  I didn’t want them to compete, but instead work together.  At some point, my customer mentioned that she liked the idea of adding some gold to the dresser.  I’ll admit, I was not on board at first.  But then I started doing a little research on pinterest.  I even put together a new board called ‘go for the gold.’

This chair in particular sold me on the gold idea.  I realized that when done right, a touch of gold could be gorgeous.

french chair

Also, this made me feel like I finally had a clear idea of what my client was looking for.  Except instead of grey, we decided on Duck Egg blue, which will bring out some of the color in the mural on her curio (which is similar to the example above, with a gentlemen in a blue coat).  It’s also the color that she originally talked about wanting to bring into the room.

Which brings us to the resulting dresser.

Dresser painted in Annie Sloan Duck Egg

I used a light hand to apply the gold Rub ‘n Buff to bring out the details on the dresser.

french dresser detail

It’s enough gold to help tie this piece in with the curio cabinet.  I think the gold works really beautifully with the Duck Egg blue.

dresser painted in Annie Sloan Duck Egg

I staged this piece very simply with an old book that has the same look as the dresser, a duck egg blue with gold details, and a vintage clock.

french dresser detail 2

The original hardware on this dresser is very pretty, and was already gold toned.  I just cleaned it up a little and put it back on.

Annie Sloan Duck Egg with Gold Rub 'n Buff

Those little doors at the top of the dresser open to reveal two shelves inside.  I painted the interior to match.  Don’t you just love the curvy-ness of that opening?

french dresser inside

I also love the little detail of these pretty brackets that sit at the back of the wider portion of the dresser.

french dresser bracket collage

I’m more than happy with how this dresser turned out in the end.  It was such a gorgeous piece to start with, so I wanted to do justice by it, and I think I did.  What do you say?

french dresser before and after

P.S.  That little french cane back chair with the gold accents from my pinterest board is going to be the inspiration for how I paint the vanity that matches this set.  But first I have to paint the bed.  Stay tuned.

21 thoughts on “c’est magnifique!

    1. I have to give all of the credit for the gold to my client. I never would have thought of it either, but I do love how it turned out. You’ll probably see more of it on other pieces in the future.


  1. I say that is such a beautiful and elegant piece! The gold adds just the right amount of sophistication – I bet it will look stunning with the curio. I am leaning towards a similar color to paint my magenta cabinet… thinking of mixing up a few MMS colors to see what I can come up with. Also looking forward to perusing your pinterest boards!


  2. Now that is a high quality gentleman’s chest of drawers! It knocks my socks off. I love it the way it was naturally and I love what you did with it. Absolutely “sterling” all the way around. That piece will be in use for another 80 years.


    1. While working with it, I could see that it was made extremely well. It is still in fantastic shape, despite its age. And you are right, I can see this piece still being in use after another 80 years! They just don’t make ’em like they used to!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. You know, I haven’t really had that conversation with my client. About photographing her room. But that is a great idea! I’ll have to see if she is willing.


  3. I have this exact dresser, unpainted, in my bedroom. When my parents were first married they rented a room and had to purchase the furniture in it. Well, I have this highboy and a dresser with mirror. Over the years the bed and nightstands were lost when we moved to California. The dresser is from the 1930’s and I love it. Now I know how great it will look painted. I just finished a kitchen table in the Duck Egg and I’m thinking of a pink for in the bedroom. Can’t wait to start! Thanks


  4. Phenomenal job! I love the gold accents with the duck egg blue. I am looking for inspiration for a small french dresser that I am refinishing and I think I am going to go with these colors…thanks!


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