outside the box.

Sue brought this darling little rustic box to the Carriage House sale last fall, and no one bought it.  Can you imagine?  Did no one see its potential?  It was only priced at $6, so I know it wasn’t overpriced.

plain box

So rather than let Sue take it back home with her after the sale, I purchased it from her myself.  I felt it was calling out for some finishing touches, so I decided to add a stencil and some vintage drawer pulls as handles on the sides.  I was dying to use my newest stencil, which is this one (and you can order it here).

new stencil

I’ve mentioned this stencil in a couple of posts.  It says “Family and Friends gather here”, which makes it rather inappropriate for bedroom furniture, no?  I’ve been searching Craigslist high and low for a buffet or sideboard to paint since that would be the perfect piece for such a sentiment, but haven’t found anything yet.  Meanwhile, I realized that a portion of the stencil would be perfect for the side of this box.

I stenciled it using black craft paint, and freshly stenciled it looked like this.

box before sanding

I sanded it to give it a more authentic look, and then finished it off with a little Miss Mustard Seed furniture wax.  Next, I added some old cup pulls to the sides of the box just to add a little more interest.

stenciled box

Since I was on a roll and I had all of my supplies out and ready to go, I decided to do some more stenciling on boxes.

outside the box

That box in the middle is covered in galvanized metal, the other two are both wood.

There are so many possibilities for boxes like these.  For example, they make great containers for storing all of your Jeanne d’Arc magazines.

box with magazines

Or add some vintage faux berries and a candle to create an awesome centerpiece.

box as centerpiece

box centerpiece 2

I like using containers like this in my pantry to store the more mundane household goods, like paper towels.

box in pantry

I use this one to corral stuff on my coffee table; kleenex, remotes, coasters, etc.

box on coffee table

 These boxes make great container gardens for the winter window sill too.

box as planter

The possibilities are endless!

12 thoughts on “outside the box.

  1. I adore wooden boxes and would have snatched this up. Finding weathered boxes is not an easy task because most end up in a burn pile around here. Yours turned out lovely!


  2. Great post with ideas for what to do with containers. You have inspired me to gather up some things I have around the house and studio and give them a refreshed look.
    Love the cup handles on the sides of the wooden box.


  3. Since I, too, am a fan of wood boxes I cannot even begin to comprehend how that baby did not get snatched up at the sale. The stencil really took it to the next level but the brass cup pulls pushed it over edge for me. Totally brilliant idea. The stenciled effect on all of the containers adds to their character. Okay so is Jeanne d’Arc Living another Eruopean magazine?


    1. Oh my, you haven’t heard of Jeanne d’Arc Living magazine? It is a Danish magazine, but they publish a version in English. I get mine at the Round Barn (and you can order them online from her and she will ship them to you). They are all about the French Nordic style. Lot’s of white. Check out this person’s pinterest board here for a taste of the magazine.


  4. I love the wooden boxes too. I might have a problem if we move close by. I’ll see too many things I will want to buy off you. I think Kris’scats would love the boxes too!


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