random holiday decorating.

Sometimes I have what I think are brilliant ideas for a blog post.  I take on a project, shoot a bunch of photos, and in the end I only have one or two pictures that I like.  It doesn’t feel like I have enough for a full on blog post.  Such has been the case with most of my holiday decorating this season.

I was going to do a full post on the winter window box, but I really only had two decent photos.

winter window box

It looks great in person.  The lights are pretty at night.  But the photos just felt sort of blah.

xmas 5

I also decorated the Eastlake dresser that is next to my back door.

xmas 1

I picked up the small silver ornaments in Germany and the vintage camera was a gift from my friend Sue.

xmas 2

The vintage Christmas postcard in the typewriter is from 1926, and was mailed from Notodden, Norway to Minneapolis with a Christmas message written in Norwegian.  God Jul!

xmas 3

I’ve also added a festive holiday pop to my Kitchen Scale buffet.

xmas 6

xmas 7

I was hoping to have some more photos to share with you, but it’s been so gloomy here lately that I can’t get any good pictures.

The forecast calls for sun this weekend though, and I hope to get a few projects cranked out that I can share with you next week.  Stay tuned.

18 thoughts on “random holiday decorating.

  1. Your decorations are beautiful! I absolutely love the Kitchen Scale buffet and the decorations you’ve added to it are the icing on the cake. Love the silver and gold with the blue!


    1. Originally our forecast called for some sunny weather today, but none appeared. Looking at the forecast, it may still be a while before we see the sun again in Minnesota. Drat! I’ll have to work around it I guess 😉


  2. Wow! Especially love the silver salt/pepper shakers mixed in with the crowns and clusters of muted colored picks on the buffet. Very elegant. And the trio of wreaths hung from burlap on the front of your house are perfect. The touches of holiday decor you have throughout the house are amazing!


  3. The display on the kitchen scale buffet is so interesting. I like silver and white scenes as much as I like red and green ones. There is something so “winter woods” about the silver and white colors.


    1. I love the silver and white as well. I tend not to decorate with the traditional greens and reds, although I do have a post coming up next week that features the few red and green things I do have.

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  4. I really like the window box. I like the natural look and all the nature things in it. The rest is nice and definitely you. We have very different tastes but both are great to enjoy.


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