vintage sleds.

I just happen to have three vintage sleds for sale at the Carriage House on Saturday.  Are you wondering what you can do with a vintage sled?  Besides sledding, that is.  I visited pinterest for some inspiration to share with you today.


First, there is your basic winter decoration idea (I happen to also have a sweet red & green tin box for sale!).  I pinned this last year mainly because I think the picture is gorgeous, but wouldn’t something like this be fab on your front porch to greet your holiday guests?

source:  Meadowbrook Farm
source: Meadowbrook Farm

Or, you could think outside the box and do something creative with your sled, like re-purpose it as a pot rack.

source: Saveur

Or perhaps you are pretty handy and can turn it into a clever shelf for displaying your vintage stuff.

sled 4
source: eastchester and orange

Might be fun to paint it a fab turquoise.

sled 6
source: Steadmans Corner

Maybe you should buy all three and stack them for impact!

source:  52 Flea
source: 52 Flea

Or, if you just want to display it outside your front door, you can just purchase this one that is ready to go, complete with ice skates.

snowy sledThere are lots of fab ways to use an old sled.  Maybe you can pick one (or three) up at the Carriage House Sale this weekend!

11 thoughts on “vintage sleds.

  1. I have a sled that my grandparents used many, many years ago and have tried to come up with anything that would bring it inside. I will try the shelf idea! Thanks for the inspiration.


  2. The one from Meadowbrook is fabulous. I have a vintage sled I use at Christmas would love to have some vintage ice skates but they are hard to find here as you can imagine. I know this will be a wonderful sale you have so many marvelous items. Best of luck!


  3. Love all the inspiration here. How fun to use these sleds in so many ways. I have a vintage sled with old skates I use on my porch at Christmas. Have fun at your show.


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