This past weekend I put my nose to the grindstone to get ready for my sale.  The weather in Minnesota totally cooperated by giving me 3 straights days (I also took Friday off at the day job) of solid sunshine and highs of 80.  Definitely not our normal late September weather; it was divine.

On Friday I finished up three pieces of furniture.  Yep, it was a marathon.  I just couldn’t help it, I wanted to get them done for the sale.  I’ll post each of them individually with before & after pics later on, but for now, here are all three.

fall sale collage with border

The yellow dresser is $225, the rustic farm table is $60 (vintage typewriter:  $40, chair:  $12), the book case is $165.

I don’t feel like the pictures do justice to any of these pieces.  The perfect chippy-ness that had been eluding me all summer was back in all of its glory on all three of these.  You must see them in person for the full effect, so I hope you can make it to my sale!

On Saturday I completely emptied out the Carriage House, went through with the shop vac to beat back the cobwebs and swept out a summer’s worth of paint dust.  Next, I figured out where to place all of the furniture.  Fortunately, Mr Q helps me with the heavy lifting.  I got a fantastic break from the work on Saturday evening when my BFF had us over for fondue night.  We fondued steak in red wine, vegies with batter in oil.  Her mom & dad were in town, so her dad made his famous Brandy Alexanders for dessert.  Delish!  Mr. Q and I really feel like part of the family at her house.  All three of her adult children were home, her mom & dad, her sister.  It was awesome.

Sunday morning I was back at it.  Arranging all of the rest of my things in the Carriage House, making sure everything had a price tag.  Finding little bits and pieces that needed tweaking.  Then setting up a little preview photo shoot of the goods as a teaser for you all.

Carriage House preview

Don’t worry, even though I am in my ‘blue period’, not everything is blue!

sale collage 3

I have to admit, I am totally exhausted.  Why do I work this hard?  Anyone know?  There must be just a little ‘type A’ in my make up somewhere, pushing me to put on the best little occasional sale that I can muster up.

preview closeup

This is always the part of the process where I start to get pretty excited about the sale.  I can’t believe all of the fab finds I have put together, and I don’t even have my sale partner’s stuff here yet.  When Sue brings her stuff, it’s a little like Christmas as I get to unwrap all of her finds out in the Carriage House.  I’ll try to share more pictures in a few days.

Meanwhile, I hope if you are nearby, you are saving the date!

save the date small file

13 thoughts on “phew.

    1. Thanks Victoria! I have to say, that green farmhouse table is awesome in person (is that wrong of me to say?). I had a vision in my head when I did it, and was totally thrilled that it worked out. I’ll post more pics of it later.


  1. You might have a little “type A” in your personality, but I’m sure that if it is there it is totally overshadowed by the “BIG TYPE A!” 😉 You really did work obsessively all three days. It is good you have a regular job or you’d work yourself to death doing the things you love!


  2. Linda, sometimes I swear we are sisters separated at birth! I also worked like a mad woman and completed 3 BIG projects this weekend for our upcoming sale. I had fallen way behind with the wedding, and furniture needed to be at the store today. My hubby said just do what you can do. And I said, I can do it all. So I lived in the garage, stayed up until 2 am and came to work today. I guess I can sleep when I’m dead, which may be soon at this rate. LOL


  3. What a fabulous production. It is a bit like putting on a big fashion show and knowing that you are going on a fabulous vacation can always give one a bit of an adrenaline rush. Everything you do is top-notch and you are a real style setter, Linda.


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