my new stencil.

A while back I got the nicest surprise.  Lisa from Maison de Stencils contacted me.  She had seen my bog and all of the things I have transformed using their stencils, and as a way of saying thanks, they offered me a discount on my next stencil purchase.  So, I wasted no time … well, maybe I wasted a little time surfing their website … but then I ordered a fab new stencil.



I wasn’t sure what I would use it on, but I loved the old-world flavor of this one.

A couple of days ago I was going through some of the stuff I have been saving up for my upcoming sale, and I saw an old ice cream parlor style chair that one of my husband’s friends gave me.  I had originally been planning to upholster the seat, but I thought ‘hey, this might be the perfect size for that new stencil!’

And sure enough, it was!

stenciled chair 2

stenciled chair 3

Once I saw how gorgeous this stencil was on a chair, I dug around for some more stuff to stencil.  How about an old window screen?

stenciled screen


An old cutting board?

stenciled cutting boardAwesome!

Suffice to say, I love the new stencil.  Many thanks to Maison de Stencils for the discount.  Now I just need to find the perfect piece of furniture for this one!

15 thoughts on “my new stencil.

    1. Thanks Ginene! I rather like the screen too. I think it would be awesome to remove the glass from the door on a cabinet and replace it with old screening that has been stenciled in this fashion, don’t you? Hmmmm. It has me thinking …


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