another quandie quickie.

I haven’t done a quandie quickie in a while.  I’ve been so busy working on furniture this summer, that I haven’t done many small, quick projects.

Recently I had some extra MMS milk paint in Eulalie’s Sky mixed up, left over from a dresser I was painting.  I hate to let this stuff go to waste, so I looked around for something to paint.  I pulled out this cute little vintage child’s folding chair that I picked up while my sister was visiting.  The perfect candidate for a paint job.

quickie chair 3I don’t have a ‘before pic’ to share, but this was basically bare wood.  Old, dirty, bare wood.  I did absolutely nothing to prep it.  No sanding, no cleaning.  I just brushed off some dirt and called it good.  Since the paint was already mixed up, I just slapped it on.  Two coats.  Followed by a quick sanding to distress and then a coat of hemp oil.

I added a metal number 7 plate to the back of the chair.

quickie chair 2

How do you like the newest addition to my clock collection?  While my sister was here, we checked out a few shops in Minneapolis, including Junket:  Tossed & Found, which is where I found the clock.  A vintage clock with aqua in it was on my wish list, so I was thrilled to find this one for a mere $12.

I don’t know why I am obsessed with child sized chairs.  Something about them just appeals to me.  This one will likely get a price tag slapped on him for the October Carriage House Sale.

quickie chair

Isn’t he just adorable?

10 thoughts on “another quandie quickie.

  1. Just precious Linda! The number is a great addition to this little chair for some reason makes it seem “officially” vintage. Glad to hear you found the clock to add to your collection it makes the whole vignette perfect! I collect vintage globes in the natural color. They are hard to come by so when I find one in my price range it makes my day.


  2. Questions: when painting something with moveable parts is there a trick to getting all the areas covered. I have a couple of 20s beach chairs I want to paint but am afraid I won’t be able to get them completely coveted because they fold. Know what I mean?



    1. The only trick, which isn’t really much of a trick, is to paint everything you can see with the chair open, then let it dry, close it up and go back and paint all the spots you missed. Let dry. Repeat. Make sure you are looking at every angle. It is a little putzy, but the milk paint dries so fast that it’s not that time consuming.


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