succulents are the new black.

In the last couple of years it seems like succulents have become very trendy.  There are so many varieties, and the colors and textures are pretty fab.


So I admit it, I jumped on the succulent bandwagon, but in a small way.

succulent toolboxI love rusty old metal toolboxes, don’t you?  I decided this one would make the perfect container for some succulents.  First, I stenciled my house numbers on it.  I used my Cricut machine and made my own ‘stencil’ using contact paper.  After cutting out the numbers, I just removed them and kept the rest of the contact paper.  I adhered it to the metal toolbox, and then just used white spray paint to paint the numbers.  I thought it would hold up well against the elements since this planter stays outside in the summer.  This is its 3rd summer, and as you can see it’s getting pretty rusty, but the paint has held up well.

succulent toolbox closeup

I punched some holes for drainage in the bottom of the toolbox using a large nail and a hammer.  I just pounded the nail through the metal in several different spots.  Fancy people might use a drill for this part of the process, but the nail and hammer worked pretty well.  Your planters especially need drainage if they are going to be outside.

I keep this on the deck between my lounge chairs (and that is one of my Annabelle hydrangeas back there behind the chairs).

succulents on the deck

This is an awesome spot to sip a glass of wine and look at some of my favorite decorating books.

succulents with bookThe pillow covers came from Restoration Hardware, and I bought them on clearance.  I don’t usually pay Restoration Hardware prices for stuff unless it’s on sale.  This patio furniture came with some very blah pillows when I bought it, so it was nice to upgrade them to something a little more ‘me’.  I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I am completely obsessive about not leaving the cushions out unless we are using them.  But hey, we’ve had this furniture at least five years now and the cushions still look great and this is why!

succulents on deck close up

How about you?  Have you jumped on the succulent bandwagon and planted some of your own?

15 thoughts on “succulents are the new black.

  1. I love how the house numbers have begun to rust near the bottom too! It’s fun how you used a tool box as a planter too! Hey, can I sit on your chaises and drink wine too?


  2. Love your succulents in the old tool box. How clever and adds so much. Looks like a very relaxing little space you have made. Loved this.


  3. I was surprised the first time I saw your porch furniture I guess I expected something more vintage. But the juxtaposition of your home and this style is pretty awesome. I think it’s the RH pillows/cushions that make it work so well. That was a brilliant move. Looks so comfy too. I am officially jealous. Moving on my husband’s grandmother gave us her chicks and hens about 16 years ago and they have multiplied hundred fold. I also have some of that stuff in the pot below the tool box. Have no idea what it’s called. I love the tool box too and once again it’s your addition of the numbers that adds the fun factor. Vintage nesting tables between the chaise lounges?


    1. Well … I have to admit, I hesitated about the deck furniture choice. Thing is, Mr. Q and I spend a LOT of time on our deck in the summer. We eat dinner out there nearly every night, we’ll sit out there and read (and one of us drinks wine) until the skeeters come out. So I went for comfort first, then considered looks and durability. I wanted cushions for sure, because for true comfort I think you need a cushion. I didn’t feel like a vintage set could offer me the comfort level I was looking for. As darling as the vintage patio dining sets can be, they just don’t cut it if you are going to sit there for more than 30 minutes or so. I didn’t have the RH pillows for the first season or two and you are right, they added that touch of ‘vintage’ that I needed out there for sure! The nesting tables are vintage. They probably originally had glass tops, but I bought them without tops and added ceramic tile tops that I happened to have on hand. They fit perfectly between the two lounge chairs and added another nice little vintage touch to the deck.


  4. can you tell me what the name of the succulent in the planter in front of the toolbox is? Also, what do you do with the plants once it gets cold outside?


    1. There are two different succulents in that one, but I’m guessing you are looking at the one that is spilling over. It’s a sedum (stonecrop), probably an Angelina, although I’m not sure. Definitely in that family. As for winter, I bring this planter inside and put it in a south facing window. It doesn’t look that great by the end of the winter, but then I bring it back outside when it warms up and it comes back to life. Although I did rip out a couple of the plants this year and replace them because they just got too leggy over the winter.


  5. I love those loungers and the planters. Can’t wait only 2 1/2 weeksmuntil I can sit in one, relax and read. And of course talk.


  6. A great post. I think RH has a good product and I, like you, take my cushions in every time I’m done sitting outside. I have a lounge cushion from the 1950’s with actual springs in it. It is comfortable. The wipe-clean cover has blue and white roses on it. My other vintage lounge cushion had never been used, from the 1970’s, with wild floral orange, red and yellow flowers. I goes perfectly with my wild zinnia flower garden. One time, I was at an auction and there was an orange and white polka dot, never used, cushion from the 60’s. I wanted it but how many do I need? You are so right about succulents being the new black. They are everywhere!
    They do look perfect in the toolbox.


    1. Funny you should mention zinnias, I just noticed my neighbor’s zinnia garden today and it was a riot of yellows, oranges and reds. I can just picture your cushions!


    1. It probably is more trouble than it’s worth trying to save plants indoors each winter, yet I still do it all the time. I have a couple of huge geraniums that I bring inside each winter too.


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