crackled linen dresser.

Mr. Q and I picked up this beautiful antique dresser on the other side of the city a couple of weeks ago.

crackled linen before

The seller was a very nice gentleman, but as soon as we stepped inside his house I knew he wouldn’t be happy that I was going to paint it.  It was probably because the house was full of lovingly refinished antiques.  Lots of shiny wood.  Everywhere.

I wasn’t going to mention that I would be painting it, but he asked me outright what I was going to do to it, and since it was already loaded in the truck at that point, I figured it was safe to admit that it would be painted.  Sure enough, his response was “oh, I wish I hadn’t asked!”

I should have kept his contact information though because I like to think that he would be happy with the end result.  True, it’s painted, but I got the most lovely crackled finish on this one.  I feel like it almost looks more authentic painted than it did with its former semi-shiny poly finish.

crackled linen dresser

What originally drew me to this piece was this trim on the sides.  I knew it would just pop with a little paint and distressing.

crackled linen side detail

The top of this dresser was already stripped when I got it, and it looked so nice that I decided to just wax it.

crackled linen top

The body of the dresser got a base coat of Miss Mustard Seed milk paint in Eulalie’s Sky, followed by two coats of MMSMP in Linen.  I was hoping for some chipping to reveal the base coat, but got very little.  You can see it peeking out just a little in some spots, but it is subtle.

I finished with MMS furniture wax.

crackled linen side angle

I also painted the hardware.  That is milk paint, and I did not use the bonding agent.  So, as you can see, milk paint will stick to metal.  Not always!  But in this case it did.  All I did to prep the hardware was wash it with dish soap and a toothbrush.  Not only did this dresser have all of its drawer pulls, but it even had all of the keyhole escutcheons.  That is extremely rare with most of the stuff I work with (in other words, lower priced pieces, lol).

crackled linen close up

I staged this guy with some lovely hydrangea that I picked up at my local Bachmans.  I wish I could say these grew in my garden, but no.

crackled linen staging 2

I added some vintage wallpaper as a backdrop for my first photo shoot.

crackled linen wallpaper close up

Then I thought perhaps I should try some shots with the window.

crackled linen window backdrop

Now I have managed to provide myself with another conundrum.  With window, or without?

crackled linen collageBoth lovely.  At least I think so.  What do you think?

This lovely antique dresser is for sale for $245.  Ooops, this one is sold.


9 thoughts on “crackled linen dresser.

  1. Love it…the dresser,the wallpaper and the window with the balls jars and the hydrangeas! Just how much fun are you having with this new little prop studio?
    I would buy this one for grand baby on the way if MN and SC were closer.


  2. I like it with the window too! Just a little more light and airy feel to it. Love the dresser – I’m sure it’s hard for the people who love their antiques to see them go to get “painted”, but everyone’s tastes are different. This one turned out beautifully – and your photo shoots are getting better and better!


  3. Six votes all for window! Did I waste time having Ken build the faux wall? No … I’ll need it for taller stuff … you’ll all see an example of that later in the week. Stay tuned!


  4. Window for this one, but you’ll use it many ways. I can also see a school map that you can pull down… Beautiful work!


    1. Fantastic idea! Now I’m kicking myself because I was looking at one of those maps at Junk Bonanza, but didn’t splurge on it. Clearly I should have!


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