duck egg.

Remember this dresser that was in the line up to be painted?

workshop dresser

Well, I chose to paint him with Annie Sloan chalk paint in Duck Egg.  It is a gorgeous color.  Although Miss Mustard Seed has some very lovely blues in her milk paint, she doesn’t quite have one with this same muted blue/green feel to it.  Her Eulalie’s Sky is close, but I think it leans a little more towards blue and it’s also a little brighter.  The robin’s egg blue that I custom mixed came closer, but was still a little more blue.  So since I’d purchased some Duck Egg at Junk Bonanza, I decided to break it out and paint this guy.

duck egg 3I even went whole hog and painted the inside shelves behind the two little doors.

duck egg inside

The original hardware for this piece was brass, and I didn’t think the gold tone would play well with this cool color, so I was going to change it out.  Then I thought about it and realized that since there were no missing pieces, I should try painting it instead.  I think the chalk paint works better for this than the milk paint.  It worked like a charm.

duck egg pull

I added just a little white to highlight these details.

duck egg ad 3

I do believe I am quite in love with this guy.  Don’t tell Mr. Q!

This would be an excellent piece for storing my vintage tablecloths.

IMG_8555Unfortunately I simply have no where to put him.  Therefore he will be up for sale.

duck egg

 I’ll be posting him on craigslist soon, but in the meantime, if you are local to the Twin Cities and interested in purchasing this dresser, please leave me a comment.  Woops!  You missed it, this one is SOLD!

19 thoughts on “duck egg.

    1. Thanks Darrielle! Normally I have my tablecloths stacked in my pantry … you can’t really see them very well in any of my pantry pics on the blog though! But I like them there because I can admire them every time I glance out there. I rarely actually use them, but they are pretty all stacked up.


    1. I used a little dark wax to enhance it a bit. Originally I was going to paint it white, but in the end decided that would be too much. Plus, I actually stencil something on the doors at the top in white, but decided that was too much and painted back over it! In the end, I tried for a more subtle look on this one 😉


  1. Could not agree more this color is wonderful! What is it about this color? Never fails to make me smile. I like the pairing of the duck egg and this piece too. Good call on the hardware. When my husband does custom pieces he often paints the hardware to match it’s a great look. Fresher don’t you think?


  2. Love this color, very vintage green! You’re right, it is ornate enough and the stencil probably would have been too much. Love the linens too!


  3. I love this color, too. In the 1920’s, they called this Seafoam and it was hugely popular as we can see from all the wonderful cream and green kitchen utensils and tins from that era. I found a Hoosier cabinet with Seafoam printed on the back to identify the color. Two other colors that were popular were Roadhouse Green and Nile Green which were were brighter. This lovely soft green is so serene and it goes with just about every other color so it should sell quickly. It’s a great piece with the unusual double doors. Much handier than drawers for so many things. I’d love this in a kitchen.


  4. This goes back a few posts but…I just can’t stop thinking about the earrings in your give away. Do you by chance have another pair that you would sell? I thought they were just beautiful.


    1. Sadly, I do not. However, I could make another pair if I come across some more good vintage religious medals, but currently I am fresh out. Too bad we didn’t have this conversation prior to Junk Bonanza because there was a vendor with tons of them there. I thought about buying more at the time, but since I’m not doing as much jewelry any more, I didn’t. If I see any this summer, I’ll grab them and make you a pair.


  5. Since we’re off the subject of duck egg… do you like hemp oil or wax better? What do you use most often on bare wood?


    1. Bare wood? What is that? Ha! I don’t leave any wood bare … bare wood better run for it’s life in my house, ‘cuz I’m gonna paint it! Seriously though, thus far I have only painted but I made a goal of learning how to stain this summer. I bought some Java gel stain and I’m going to give it a try soon. And I plan to try wax on it first. I’ll keep you posted when I give it a go. As for painted surfaces, I can’t say that I really like one over the other. I find hemp oil a little easier to apply. And it’s quite a bit cheaper than the wax. It darkens up the color of the milk paint more than wax does though, so keep that in mind. It’s also not quite as durable as wax. I use wax when I want to keep the color lighter. For a good example, look on my fab furniture tab at “the Hudson” which is Artissimo with wax and then the “1890’s dresser” which is Artissimo with hemp oil. See the difference? OK, it might be more subtle in pictures, but it’s there.


  6. Thanks for your response on my earring request. I’m going to start looking for the vintage medals myself. Will let you know if I find some. It never occurred to me to make earrings with the medals until I saw your post. I used all the medals I had on a grotto that I posted about in February called From Clock Cabinet to Grotto.


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