I am very patiently waiting for spring.  It starts ever so slowly here in Minnesota.  I see signs of it though.  It starts with some crocuses and scilla.

2014 spring blog3

But while I wait for it, I thought I would put together a little miniature garden to enjoy for now.

I bought this ironstone tureen at Junk Bonanza.  I just loved how crackled it was.  It didn’t have its lid any longer, and I just thought it would be fun to use as a little planter.

2014 spring blog1

It has a great mark on the bottom.  Apparently this is a “classic shape”.

Anyway, I popped in to my local Bachman’s store and came away with some miniature plants and a bag of pebbles.

tureen plants

I put some pebbles at the bottom of my tureen, since there won’t be any proper drainage with this planter.

tureen pebbles

Then I just tucked in my little plants and added some tiny little white pots that I found at a garage sale last summer.  I had added my house numbers to them and they usually reside in my fairy garden outside.

tureen close up

Ta da!  A sweet little garden.2014 spring blog2

For now I am going to put him in the window at the bottom of the stairs.  Hopefully I will remember to keep him watered.  Maybe I’ll reconsider and bring him to the office to remind me of gardening while I am crunching numbers at the day job.

tureen final

10 thoughts on “spring.

  1. A lovely bit of spring to start this dreary day…woke up to a few inches of snow. I love the ironstone used as a planter, especially with that great patina!


    1. Isn’t it a funky little plant? Unfortunately it was only labled as a generic “tropical plant”, so I don’t know what it is. I thought it would add a good vertical interest to the grouping though. This would be cute as a house warming gift!


    1. LOL … Bachman’s is just our local garden center/florist/gift shop type place. They have had a nice selection of miniature plants ever since fairy gardens got to be so popular. They have some fun little miniature benches, gates, bridges, etc to add to a fairy garden as well. I have a fairy garden planted in a cracked bird bath (it didn’t hold water anymore) outside and I’m sure I’ll blog about it later when stuff starts growing again!


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